Sadoun calls on all parties to abide by the directives of reference to overcome the current crisis

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the Kurdistan Alliance MP, Mohsen al-Sadoun, all political parties to abide by the directives of reference to overcome the current crisis in the country.

He said al-Saadoun told {Euphrates News} on Friday that "the supreme religious authority in Najaf directives must be taken into consideration and all politicians in this critical stage abide by these guidelines."

Saadoun pointed out that "the foremost authority you want to say there must be a new and deeds of the curriculum and all the political blocs that want to build a new Iraq at this stage that is committed to the word of the foremost authority and abandon the previous approach so that we can move beyond the crisis that is currently taking place in Iraq."

Sadoun admitted that "there is something wrong in the parliament and the government and the political process as a whole," noting that "if the crisis is not solved by agreement of all and be solutions that satisfy all the political parties Flaimkn be establishing a new stage without encountering problems with courage."

He stressed the need to "give everyone their own interests and that the start of parliament and the government under the supreme guidance and reference Maagmh reason and logic, because that took place in the political process is difficult and we have to be all of us to take responsibility and begin steps to properly serve everyone."

The official source at the supreme religious authority office of Grand Ayatollah Imam Ali al-Sistani {long live} in Najaf, last Wednesday, had confirmed that "the supreme religious authority watching events closely and followed up thoroughly, and feel sorrow and regret to the outcome of the things the country the hands of those were supposed to be employed in the service of its citizens, and strive to make them happy, and provide them with a decent life requirements, but they went out to other interests, and Chaglua Palmmagat, political and auctions, and caused further suffering of the people. "

He added that "the foremost authority at the same time renewed its warning to all parties to continue the current approach in dealing with the country's issues, the many and crises, and invite them to reflect on the future of their people, and take serious and concrete steps to get out of the current situation to a better future."

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