Barzani discuss with Bulgarian officials on economic cooperation and investment
Date: Friday, 30-03-2012 03: 42 pm

Irbil (News) ...Chairman of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani in Sofia with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov economic cooperation and investment between the two sides, particularly in the areas of water, dams, agriculture and tourism, in the context of his official visit to Bulgaria.
The Government statement said the territory received (News Agency news) Friday: Bulgarian Prime Minister expressed his country's readiness to cooperate with the territory in these areas, indicating a desire to the territory to the development of relations with Bulgaria and especially in the areas of agriculture, energy, water and dams.
He also met Bulgarian President Barzani, Rossen blivnliave, addressed the meeting historic relations linking the peoples of Bulgaria and Kurdistan, as well as cooperation between the two sides in the areas of banking, health and higher education.
The Bulgarian President said: we participated in the liberation of Iraq, and offered sacrifices.
The Bulgarian President said: the people of Kurdistan, a genuine partner for us, and we want to build a strategic relationship with Kurdistan to become the gateway for all Iraq, "he said in another interview, axis to the determination of the Bulgarian-American Bank in Sofia to open a branch in Erbil.
For his part thanked the Bulgarian participation in the liberation of rival Iraq, saying: "we have deep respect for these sacrifices, which resulted in live peoples freely and people of Kurdistan Iraq."
Barzani, meanwhile, thanked the Bulgarian President to give so much importance to Kurdistan, and extended a formal invitation to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Prime Minister to visit the territory.
The President also met with Bulgarian Foreign Minister, Nikolai moladinov and discussed events in the region and their impact on Iraq and Kurdistan.
Bulgarian Foreign Minister noted that his country intends by the end of this year, opened its Embassy in Iraq and a Consulate General in Arbil, capital of Kurdistan region, indicating that the Bulgarian trade Minister will soon visit the region for the development of bilateral relations.
On a related level, met Barzani, President of the Bulgarian Parliament titska tagiva, and during the meeting emphasized the establishment of relations between the parliaments of Bulgaria and Kurdistan.
Bulgarian Parliament expressed pleased that 30% of the Kurdistan Parliament members are women, she said that this gives us a good indicator of the situation of women in Kurdistan.
Barzani said: we want to build relations with Bulgaria, and Klina liberated from the grip of totalitarian regime, and thus needed to more convergence between us./finished/24 l. Eng.