Chest: We will not allow giving in to the will of corruption and corrupt

2016-05-06 21:16:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Said the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, on Friday, he will not allow the continuation of injustice, nor horns shading of the blackout does not bow to the will of the corruption and the corrupt, he put up.

Sadr said in a statement that " the will of free people of the people do not approve slaves of corruption, creep heroic Iraqi people continue forward and continue his revolution reformist peaceful until the end that acceptable to God, and an unshakeable faith arrested Iyad honorable Iraqis on the sands of Karbala radioactive Divine victory for Tntherh proudly superstars shine on future pages Mashreq, the people of the reform majestic and lofty Kaljbl not inclined, the nation rose up to stop the corruption mill that was still gnawing its bounty, the nation rose up to destroy the hammers of terrorism , which was still shed the blood of its sons. "

In the footsteps of the patron reform, calling for the Iraqi people , comprehensive reform will continue, and the fight against corruption and the corrupt, and under the auspices of the chest commander and his will the Iraqi exclusive, will not deviate from the masses for the homeland line and Coping of civilizations, and honor can not afford to place non - summits, the renaissance of peaceful people continue, and will not allow the continuation of injustice, nor the horns shading of opacity and distraction for glamor tears of orphans and bereaved mothers, not to succumb to the will of the corruption and the corrupt. "

He continued: " I started out the masses of the Iraqi people reject the injustice and corruption , this Friday, the sixth of the month of May 2016, angry demonstrations in the various governorates of Iraq after calling for comprehensive reform and full Friday prayers and without delay, and that the Iraqi Council of Representatives at its next meeting to choose the professional independent technocrat government is partisan, to be the starting point for an end to the chaos of quotas corruption and abhorrent sectarianism that toil beneath the Iraqi people by force and met with them for the horrors throughout the years. "