Maliki: Sadrists were expelled from the political process until the "return to their senses."

Baghdad -arac Press -5 May
/ May: president of a coalition called the state law, Nuri al-Maliki on Thursday to keep the Sadrists from the political process after storming his followers the Green Zone and the House of Representatives on Saturday.

Maliki said in his page on the social networking "Twitter" site, that "those who attacked the legitimacy of the state represented by the Parliament should not have a position in the political process unless they come back to their senses," referring to the Sadrist movement, which called for sit-ins and demonstrations near the Green Zone and evolved into demonstrators storming of the area and enter parliament.

Maliki said that "the situation in the mercurial attitudes and live for the benefit and leadership are brought the country to this case." According to him.

The current leader Moqtada al-Sadr said in a speech last Saturday, "I'tikaaf" for two months, a rejection of the principle of quotas in the formation of the new ministry, and decided to freeze the work of MPs and ministers Liberal bloc and said he was "waiting for the major popular uprising Great to stop corrupt creep popular revolution."

Angry demonstrators stormed the mostly followers of the Sadrist minutes after the word al-Sadr's Green Zone and the parliament building and subjected to beatings during which deputies.

The face of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Minister of the Interior to pursue the elements that attacked the security forces, citizens and members of the House of Representatives and the sabotage of public property and referred to the Alqdhae.