Negotiations within the National Alliance to replace Abadi after Iranian and US approval of flexibility disqualified

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad political negotiations entered a tunnel regional international agreements after the international community warned of the seriousness of what is happening in Iraq. And while Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr left Square protests in the street, temporarily, are the Liberal bloc of him isolated from this movement, with evident signs the disintegration of the National Alliance contract significantly. reveals informed political sources "continue the negotiations between the National Alliance components, seeking to replace Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, at the earliest opportunity", indicating that " the negotiations after failing entered the tunnel regional and international agreements that do not look deep so far, especially since the American side expressed flexibility in choosing an alternative to al - Abadi, after it was considered most appropriate for the stage, as well as the Iranian side , which confirmed the parties of the National Alliance agreed to any candidate is presented. " the source added that" the Kurdish and Sunni political blocs are the other co in some aspects of the negotiations, and show flexibility to form a large bloc called the cross-sectarian, but they need a long time to arrange the understandings, and analysis on international players pattern. " the sources pointed out that" the most prominent current candidates are both Adel Abdul Mahdi and Hadi al - Ameri and Faleh al - Fayad and add them Imad Khersan as a consensus candidate, but he has so far not acceptable to all outside parties, especially Iran , "adding that" the stranger in the nomination to the Supreme Council nominated Hadi al - Amiri, while nominated independent block al - Maliki , leader of the Supreme Council , Adel Abdul - Mahdi. " he continued " The American side discovered the existence of deep differences within the National Alliance, reflect the absence of the possibility of the nomination of any alternative Abadi, in exchange for the continuation of the crisis which he considers allied Shiites withdraw confidence from al - Abadi her key, he suggested the nomination of Imad Khersan close to the reference - Sistani." learned correspondent of sources own " the meeting will be held to finally Annagavea parties of the National Alliance, is likely to be attended by representatives of the Sadrist movement to agree on solutions or replacements for Ebadi, during the next two days.

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