Allawi's coalition: We support the formation of a transient coalition of sectarianism and nationalism to overcome quotas
[Special Oan-]
showed national coalition headed by Iyad Allawi, the call for the formation of a transient political coalition of sectarianism and nationalism.
The MP for the national olive - Dulaimi told all of Iraq [where] that " the formation of a transient coalition of sectarianism and nationalism Matrouh project project and we encourage and support should Iraq today , that comes out of the quota system circuit which entered since 2003 and until today."
She added , "We want to form a coalition smoothly and regularly does not affect the functioning of the political process and the performance of parliament and be through legal and constitutional frameworks so as not to get what happened in parliament recently and there is no security and the constitutional violation in the state structure. "
the al - Dulaimi , " we do not want to be squatters and disrupt the work of the legislature and at the same time we want reform. "
the political blocs called for the formation of a political coalition beyond the sectarian and ethnic composition of the case, revealing the head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al - Hakim for his quest to form a national coalition of cross-sectarian, national , and agreed on the space rendezvous and concerted in the areas of difference."
said Hakim , in his speech yesterday . " we will with our partners in the country to develop as part of this coalition and to identify political and reformist project and we will be a powerful force in the parliament in order to be able to pass legislation, laws and procedures reform away from opportunism and selectivity and exploitation. "