Iraq and Iran agree to cooperate in investment funds Social Security Fund

The number of visits: 1040 Published on: 5/5/2016, 20:01 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

He said senior agent of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Faleh al-Amiri, Iraq and Iran linked by historical ties and there are many areas of cooperation between the two countries, especially in subjects labor, training and safety.

Amery said in a statement that "during his meeting with Undersecretary of the Ministry of Cooperation and the work of Iran and Social Welfare Mohammad Taqi al-Husseini and his accompanying delegation that" Iraq seeks to benefit from Iran's experience in the fields of labor and social security, and agreement on the opening prospects for cooperation in the field of investment funds the Social Security Fund. "

"The Ministry of Labour has worked after the fall of the former regime to pay attention to the social protection file through the provision of social benefits for the poor who are below the poverty line, as well as work on the development of vocational training, occupational safety and social security and pursue programs to take advantage of Iran's experience in these areas."

"The ministry has made great strides on the subject of social protection through a field survey of the families benefiting from the subsidy of social protection which has been able to exclude hundreds of thousands of squatters to include so families were owed being below the poverty line, pointing out that the ministry is now receiving coverage requests electronically through its website for the first time in Iraq, in a move to ensure the lack of any violations or manipulation of this vital file. "

He Ameri during the meeting in the hope of activating the memorandum of understanding signed between the two ministries, especially in the international forums and the Arab Labor Conference next, calling on the Iranian side to support Iraq's nomination for the Council of Arab Labour Organisation as an alternate member for the next session.

He said there are reciprocal visits between the two sides, most recently for a delegation from the National Center for Occupational Health and Safety to activate joint cooperation in occupational safety areas, noting that the Iraqi side briefed on Iran's experiences in those areas and seeks to take advantage of them through the application on the ground.

For his part, expressed his agent and the Ministry of Cooperation and Labor and Social Welfare Iran's readiness to cooperate and to provide expertise in areas needed by the ministry and the implementation of joint programs to develop the capacity of workers in occupational safety and support for the various sectors of employment areas.