Maysan is preparing for the opening of the "largest" hotels and plans to announce an investment package


Maysan / Ali Abdul Wahid

It announced the Maysan Provincial Council, on Wednesday, the readiness of the province to the opening of the Tourist Hotel Cork through next July, and promised the largest hotel in the province, as he emphasized his intention to announce a new package of investment in various sectors during the next week.

The Chairman of the Investment Committee in the Maysan province, Mohammad Majid Hoaa, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "executing hotel Cork Turkish company completed construction work and play Baltotat technical and electrical things in preparation for its opening during the month of July," noting that "the cost of the hotel of more of $ 30 million. "

Hoaa "The hotel is the largest governorate consists of ten floors with 128 guest rooms and suites, as well as restaurants and lounges presidential and the other for weddings and meetings," noting that "the hotel includes a swimming pool and a park surrounded Bbnayath overlooking the Tigris River, on the one hand Cornish city of Amara."

Chairman of the Committee stressed that "Maysan replete with investment opportunities window of Arab and international companies especially, as safe provinces," pointing out that "the province allow investors to obtain approvals for land projects easily contrary to what is in the other."

He revealed Hoaa for "the determination of the Commission detected several investment projects over the next week in various sectors," returned to "maintain the shares in the success of the Council's investment and attract foreign companies to work in Maysan."

The province of Maysan, its city of Amarah, (390 km south of Baghdad), witnessing the implementation of many projects by investing them a legitimate lighthouse residential complex and the construction of the Pearl of Maysan complex, by Lebanese companies and the construction of Cork Tourist Hotel Star, which is implemented before investing a Turkish company, and other projects scattered due to its preservation of a stable security situation make it fertile ground for investment.

The Maysan Investment Authority, has contracted with the Turkish company of Cork, in (the 28th of February 2012), to build a hotel of the five-star hotel in the city of Amara at a cost of $ 29 million, hoping to open in April of the current year 2016.

The hotel has been subjected to an armed attack fired on and fronted by an unknown destination, in (the 15th of December 2015 the past), while the local government promised the incident an attempt to shuffle the cards and the exploitation taking place between the Iraqi and Turkish governments of the crisis against the backdrop of the recent send troops to Nineveh.