Reference warns political parties to continue the current approach calls for taking steps "serious"

9:39:23 p.m
. 4/5/2016 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad 's religious authority warned on Wednesday, and the political parties to continue the current approach in dealing with the crisis experienced by Iraq, calling for steps to be taken "serious and concrete" out of the status quo. He said the religious authority , Ali al - Sistani 's office in a statement citing an official in the office source said, " the news that traded a number of news reporting sites in recent days and attributed them to the top religious authority for political positions and nominations for government sites and meetings with some politicians, untrue altogether." the statement added that " the religious authority Supreme monitor events closely and followed up carefully, and feel sorrow and regret the status of the other things the country at the hands of who was supposed to work in his countrymen service and strive to make them happy and provide them with a decent life requirements, but they went out to other interests and Chaglua Palmmagat political and auctions and caused further suffering of the people . " . the statement pointed out that the reference "renewed its warning to all parties to continue the current approach in dealing with the country 's issues and crises of the many, and invite them to reflect on the future of their people and take serious and concrete steps to get out of the current situation to a better future." It is noteworthy that the religious authority decided in (February 5, 2016), not to display their visions in political affairs in the weekly Friday prayer sermon, while indicated that it would be "by developments in things and the requirements of events."

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