National Coalition defines his vision of a government of national salvation and the proposed law calls for new elections under the supervision of UN

Editor: BK

05/04/2016 19:43

Long-Presse / Baghdad
He stressed the national coalition, said on Wednesday that the proposed rescue Government to rid Iraq of "asphyxiating crisis" should be temporary and involved members elections, while counting the functions are limited mobilization against "extremism and terrorism" and addressing IDP problems and promote civil peace and solve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil , demanded the replacement of the election commission another "completely independent" and the enactment of a new election law in coordination with the United Nations and the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic cooperation.

According to the Coalition, in a statement, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that among the "before the political arena in Iraq to take it out of its crisis suffocating, the formation of a national salvation government," adding that "if this was the Iraqi people, decent choice, and we will be with him sure,. that the national salvation government to be an interim government not older than a year or year and a half, maximum nor its members participate in the elections. "

He suggested the coalition led by Iyad Allawi, that "the limited functions of the rescue Government to mobilize the forces of the Iraqi people against extremism and terrorism and sustain the fight momentum against Daash until check military and political victories and begin to correct the political process, the structure of the abolition of the sectarian quota system as well as the marginalization and exclusion", and that "the treatment of the displaced and refugee problems and compensation, and to begin the reconstruction of what was destroyed, and to move the national treatment to restore peace, security and prosperity for our people, decent, and the issuance of amnesty laws necessary and achieve the unity of Iraqi society and solving problems between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional government. "

He called the National Coalition, the need for "the abolition of the Independent Electoral Commission and its extensions in all provinces, and replace them with completely independent ones, made up of legal experts, lawyers and specialists, and the enactment of a new election law ensures justice and fairness and respect for the will of the voters of Iraq, in coordination with the United Nations and the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation , to ensure free and fair elections, "stressing that this is" the point of view of the national coalition government that is far from the political conflict, and is working to save the country. "

The head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, called on the eve of the storming of demonstrators protesting against the non-implementation of the reforms, the Green Zone and the headquarters of the parliament, in (the thirtieth of April 2016), Presidency of the Republic by creating "a political and security solution" to maintain security and stability, he returned it requires them to adopt among other options, including the formation of the Government of "national salvation" for a period of one year, and elections "fair" under the supervision of the United Nations.

He also stressed the national coalition, last Monday, (second from May current 2016), that the President Iyad Allawi, took part in the three presidencies meeting after boycotting several months for the delivery of the coalition's position on the need to dismiss the government and parliament and form a government of national salvation in preparation for the holding of elections under the supervision of the United Nations, noting that the presidential statement on the meeting "does not reflect the" reality of propositions that have taken place through it.