Maliki's coalition: the conditions set by the National Conference thwarted an attempt to
30/03/2012 12:59

Baghdad, March 30 / March (Rn) - The State of Law coalition of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Friday that put the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, the conditions should be applied before the National Congress is bound to derail the conference.

And underscores the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, the need to implement all the terms of the Arbil before National Conference, which prompted the Iraqi announcement of the non-participation in the meeting unless the application of the Convention.

Said Rep. Hanan al for the rule of law, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) "I do not think the National Congress will work to set conditions in particular, and he was left only 5 days to hold a national conference .. put these conditions is to try to derail the conference."

She explained that the "agreement of Arbil was left of it except a little .. everyone is talking about an agreement Arbil not know what the deal is this Agreement under which the government was formed and divided positions on the political blocs."

"There are problems with the structure of the Iraqi state that the most important topics to be raised at the conference."

The president of the republic to set the fifth of April as a date to hold a national conference and discuss the problems that exist between the political blocs.

And announced that the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference that its last meeting resulted in agreement on the structure of the agenda of the national meeting and the formation of a special committee to put items on the agenda that the President Jalal Talabani and the time to locate the National Conference.

The country has witnessed political tension was accompanied by security breaches days after the departure of U.S. forces in December 18 last December under the security agreement signed between the two countries.