Specialist rule out the possibility of an economic reform under the current government
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Iraqi flag flutters during the official opening of the second refinery for crude oil in Al-Dora refinery complex in Baghdad on September 16, 2010. The refinery will produce 70,000 barrels per day of white oil, gas, diesel and liquid gas. AFP PHOTO / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP / Getty Images)
Ruled competent in economic affairs Mohammed Ali Durgham, occurrence of the economic reform process within the life of the current government, which has achieved nothing of it so far.

He said Ali, that is not expected to initiate the process of economic reform under the current government because of the expiration of the bulk of the old without being determine the features of the final reform, the executive and the legislative, "noting that" the reform take years and be an inclusive process and associated with the fight against corruption and is accompanied by role the legislative and executive institutions. "

He noted that "the role of the current government lies in the development of the path of economic and political reform roadmap, which Parliament must vote on the redundant implementation of future governments."

He called for a political reform program and be attached to the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq and voted on by the Iraqi people in order to be binding on the next legislative and executive authorities.