Representatives are afraid to attend the next session !!
Monday, May 022 016

Enslaved National Alliance MP Ali al-Badri, on Monday, to hold a hearing of the House of Representatives on Tuesday of next week, while noting that the MPs would not attend the meeting for fear of Almtzahreinn.oukal al-Badri told I followed public opinion, "The meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday of the week next the quorum will not be completed because of differences between Altassh political blocs, "adding that" these blocks is different on the reshuffle and there is no settlement on it, "said al-Badri, said that" deputies quotas and blocs, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance, would not attend the session for fear of breaking into the demonstrators " likely that "the presence of these representatives will be getting strong assurances that the arrival of the demonstrators to the House of Representatives or the absence of the demonstration near the parliament building."