Badr: Iran's support for Iraq is very different from those who send suicide bombers
[Oan- Baghdad]
promised Badr bloc, Iran 's role in supporting Iraq bayonet against terrorism as a "very different, for those who send suicide bombers to him."
The bloc chairman Kassim Alaaregi in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the price of the "great role and support provided by Iran to Iraq in its fight against terrorism."
He added that Iran "provided martyrs for the sake of the protection of holy places and the shrine of Sayeda Zeinab [p ], and still supports Iraq in its war against terrorism. "
among the security and defense committee member , said , " there is a big difference between those who send bombs and suicide cars to the killing of civilians in Iraq and Iran , which provides money and weapons and men to eliminate Daash and all forms of terrorism in Iraq. "
the demonstrators They chanted during broke into the green Zone on Saturday against what he described as Iran 's influence in Iraq , "and said: [Iran Balance Balance .. Baghdad remain free