Mutlaq , demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the al - Abadi and the formation of a national salvation government

(Independent) ... accused the coalition of Arab head of Saleh al-Mutlaq, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi use reform to solve the internal problems of the mass of the title, while the student to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister and the formation of a national salvation government, stressed the support of demonstrations and sit-parliament.

Saleh al-Mutlak said in a statement received by the (independent) said on Monday that "as long as we have emphasized the need to reform the political process and take it out of the box of sectarianism, ethnicity and the need to build in accordance with the national standards, and warned of the procrastination process reforms or jump on them in order to preserve the gains partisan or narrow partisan, and we have for years and an integrated national project aimed at addressing the structural imbalance in the political process through a national reconciliation Nadzh, and build a state citizen stands at the same distance from the sons and all components of the Iraqi people. "

He added, "We participated have left many of the document Arbil political documents after the 2010 elections, and the document of the political agreement that emerged, including government-Abadi, which included a diagnosis of the problems and provided treatments if they were adopted by successive governments because if Iraq had reached its lowest levels in the security, financial and service level, and when the Iraqi people rose up demanding reform. "

He said al-Mutlaq "It was a sit-Anbar and provinces six Almentvdh, Cry popular national general approach of government arrogance and financial and administrative sectarianism and corruption abhorrent and the injustices suffered by the Iraqi people in general and the people of those provinces, in particular, and instead of moving power towards meeting the demands of the demonstrators, which confirmed the legitimacy, has used to suppress the worst means of repression, although our response and our warning of the consequences of this approach. "

Mutlaq promised that "the change of form and the survival of the curriculum after the 2014 elections, has generated frustration among the Iraqi people, especially after the security landslides continued, and extended the organization Daash terrorist on the ground in Iraq and the growing phenomenon of uncontrolled weapons outside the framework of the state, and financial and administrative corruption, which has eroded the budgets of state Iraq, which called on the Iraqi people for a demonstration calling for reform. "

Al-Mutlaq said that "these demands has been unable political forces, but its support, giving authorization absolute prime minister achieve them even if they are on the electoral maturity account as the abolition of deputy prime minister and vice-president positions," returned to "Abadi has lost its compass reform, it has become clear two years after the life of the government. "

He accused al-Mutlaq al-Abadi "using the reform Title resolve its internal problems in the bloc, which enter the country in a series of crises led to the division of the House of Representatives, and a sit-in demonstrators inside the constitutional institutions", returned to his policies "have brought the political process to the ends of stifling possible to lead Iraq into the unknown." .

He expressed Mutlaq "support the right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression, and encourage him and call him as a lobbyist on the government and the political blocs adhering to the sectarian quota system," warning "the employment of the demonstrations and the suffering of the people in order to achieve the political interests of the parties and blocs at the expense of the interests of the Iraqi people."

Al-Mutlaq called for "a comprehensive review of the overall political process and to reformulate a new political contract nucleus of a national not sectarian," referring to the "full support for the demonstrations for reform, with a reservation on the entry of agendas or partisan Ketloah them, and the support of the reformist movement done by the sitters of Representatives and demands the dismissal of presidencies three, despite the drawbacks of the presence of some of the characters. "

He called al-Mutlaq President Fuad Masum "to send a book to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister immediately, and the formation of a national salvation government in accordance with the efficiency and citizenship standards, and work hard in order to re-healing of the Iraqi Council of Representatives in order to vote on the bailout government", calling on the United Nations, the Arab League and the EU countries to "provide full support and assistance to the Iraqi people in their quest to form a Government of National Salvation." (end)

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Of course Mutlaq is "calling for this..." it's his one and only hope of not being prosecuted and getting things back to the way they used to be... this guy is one of the main thieves... (which have been on both sides of the aisle).