A source reveals to break into the Green Zone has been coordination between al-Sadr and al-Abadi

Detecting leaders from within the three presidencies and the heads of political blocs to a meeting, on Monday, for ‘collusion’ between Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and the cleric Muqtada al – Sadr to allow the demonstrators to break into the Green Zone, as pointed out a government trend to change to protect the Green Zone through the use of the Peshmerga.

She said leaders in a press statement, said that ‘there is a tendency to change to protect the Green Zone by costly power to protect them for years, dating back to the Baghdad Operations Command and the Joint Special Operations Command, after failing to secure the protection of this area after the storm by supporters of the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr and the occupation the seat of parliament , which is the symbol of prestige of the state ‘.

She added that ‘ the meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs, led by President Fuad Masum, carrying Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi responsibility for what happened as commander of the armed forces, so the force that protects that region are either weak has proved that in the first serious test them or they complicit with the protesters, and in both cases the prime minister is primarily responsible ‘.

He said , ‘ the statement issued by the presidencies of the meeting did not include a lot of candid conversations that took place during which especially since there are indications of many of the present leaders to break into the Green Zone , the process but has the complicity of a clear distinction between al – Sadr and al – Abadi to Abadi look like a strong man , depending on the Sadrist movement in the face of strong opponents, led by Nuri al- Maliki , who has staked a lot on the last picket the House of Representatives after being thrown dozens of followers to a mass sit -in rule of law in the House of Representatives. ”

He said , ‘Maliki aims to change the rules of the game, which is the first resignation of parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri, and then interrogate al – Abadi in preparation for the withdrawal of confidence from it, which means forcing the president to assign the largest parliamentary bloc to nominate a person to form a new government, which means opening the road again in front of al – Maliki to return to the strongly – end ».

And on the steady drumbeat of accusations by the partners to Sadr in the Shiite house to break into the green zone took place between al – Sadr and al – Abadi format, leaders of the ‘information says that the operations room in the Green Zone, he had met the three are a senior intelligence officer, and the team , Mohammad Reza, the commander said protection of the green Zone, the official peace Brigades of the Sadrist movement; in order to coordinate the process of entering a peaceful manner completely which is what actually happened except for individual cases, such as the attack on some MPs’.

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