Islamic Party calls to keep the state's institutions and stresses the need for the continuation of the work of parliament

May 2, 2016 8:16
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Iraqi Islamic Party, confirmed that the events in Parliament on Saturday raised fears of come up with the rest of the pictures of the Iraqi state, calling on all religious authorities and political events of solidarity in achieving these shared national responsibility.

The party said in a press statement that the expression of opinion, and to express protest, the focus of everyone's support, as long as it is going on within the framework of peaceful expression, and who wants reform and the reality of the situation does not create chaos or push for the collapse of the situation, explaining that a single reform carry meanings to address the imbalance, shared national vision in correcting errors.

Also cautioned that the parliament under his chairmanship, and its members, expressed his constant concern to support the government's reform project, and not Taoaiqa, expressing his belief in the necessity continuation of the House of Representatives in his work, I do not mind to be held at an alternative location if not its building valid exercise of the tasks required, as long as this contributes to not to disrupt the legislature.

The party expressed fears of the impact of chaos and unrest on the battle with terrorism, and the possibility of their contribution to weaken the morale of our fighters brave the battlefields, calling on the government and security agencies to exercise their role in keeping the state institutions and prevent attempts to sabotage them, and hold negligent in performing this task.