After ten days: Do you provide for an end to partisan and sectarian quotas in Iraq?

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Charter walks al-Issawi, according to a deadline for him, Mr. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi gave his booth for the upcoming ministerial Iraqi Council of Representatives on Thursday, 31/03/2016, after a wave of protests and sit-ins by supporters the cleric "Muqtada al-Sadr," and Aatsamh inside the green Zone, with the blessing and support of unspoken by the supreme religious authority, and to support the civil power and the many layers of Iraqi society and the various segments.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives select the ten-day deadline to vote on a new "technocratic" cabinet cabin, a deadline by which you want the political forces and parties study the curricula vitae of the candidates and ministers over Mqpolithm, as advertised.

Despite the implicit rejection by the political forces of this cabinet reshuffle, but it was forced to do so.

Perhaps this period (10 days) will try political forces which political maneuvering between the parties to the political process and put red lines on some of the names of candidates, have been trying some powers -olasima Alcardstanih- submit a candidate by her names, which portends great complexities of the issue of the vote on the cabin The new ministerial questioning and the procrastination of some powers.

But in the end this will gain the confidence of the parliament's selection, even though some of the names have changed as expected; because of the street and the public pressure.

But this time may be the sit-ins and demonstrations in a different way, and that's what it seemed clear speech last-Sadr delivered after the announcement of the new cabinet reshuffle "technocrats" Although satisfaction with and support for the move by the Prime Minister, which described the move courage.

But in case they got the new ministerial cabin on the confidence of Parliament - as many expect - Will pave these political steps into a new political era in Iraq ?,

Or that the political forces and parties will place a wager on the failure of the cabin practical reality after a pass inside the dome of the parliament ?; to the fact that most of the these forces influential within state institutions, most of which has a large media outlets against the weak and the absence of national and state media, and this may disturb the work of the ministerial cabin, especially that these forces are well aware that it will be forgotten if the new ministerial cabin managed to make something clear and tangible reality political and service, security and economic.

That's it - no political forces - two choices: first, to give confidence in the new cabinet of the cabins in the parliament, but they will try to make it fail in practice, and this losing bet; because everyone will lose.

The second is to give confidence to the ministerial cabins and then work to adapt and cope with the new reality and try to educate themselves within the new political system away from the political Altakndqat political and Custom Tthagaft him these blocks throughout the (12) last year.

Perhaps some of these political forces will be supported by regional visions Madljh, trying to hinder the new political transformations.

The next ten days may be enough to put the first brick for a new political phase in the case of popular and mass on the government and parliament and political blocs pressure continued, and gained new ministerial cabin confidence of Parliament.

But this step needs to be other steps, represented by the overall ministerial change is confined to ministers only, there are agents, managers and heads of independent bodies, and there are security leaders, and the Supreme Judicial Council, and others; therefore, to provide a comprehensive new ministerial lineup to all ministers and their deputies, agents and heads backed by the authority of bodies strong oversight and strict non-corrupt, independent judiciary and the Council fully, probably it will show the duration of the positive short harbingers over the next six months.

Apparently that the Iraqi people understand the political game that led the country into the abyss, and then can not allow the political powers and the authority of the parties to tamper with the security of the country's political, economic and social stability and more.

Accordingly, no choice in front of parliament and political forces, however, vote in favor of the new cabinet reshuffle, and enter a new political phase in this vote, and trying to frame itself within this stage since the beginning, and stay away from procrastination and bet on time; because the alternative may be a risk of chaos that threatens Iraqi political process as a whole.

This comprehensive term change from sectarianism and party quotas, the minister will free from the authority of the heads of blocs and the authority of the party and the community, success is the success of the minister and his ministry.

The negligence and corruption in the minister and his ministry, Vsadah responsibility in front of the judicial oversight and integrity without a cover and defense by the political blocs as it was before.

Accordingly, the transparency of the work will serve as a sword hanging on the necks of all the ministers and heads of agencies and institutions of the state, which makes professional, efficient and successful only criterion to evaluate the work of the ministry, and makes it the responsibility directly to the person concerned; because the culture of the post-2003 and for the last 12 years, the political forces parties and constitute a significant barrier to negligent accounting, which led the state institutions to a state of slack.

Perhaps this new ministerial cabin may ring down the curtain on those negative culture that produced the current situation in Iraq, if it came out of a genuine political framework agreements sectarianism and party quotas.

Although most forecasts suggest to gain ministerial cabin confidence of parliament during the remaining days, but that would be the biggest political complexities by Kurdish blocs and perhaps also Sunni political forces.

The Kurds rejecting the overall change since the beginning, and this was confirmed by Massoud Barzani, saying: "I do not care ministerial change, and this is an internal affair Baghdad government" and warned to change his ministers, especially the Minister of Finance.

Thus, today in front of the Baghdad government is another challenge with the territory, and the resolution of the partnership with the region two options are only two: either a merger with the Baghdad government, far from provoking crises of national conflicts, and whether to secede and declare independence; because the region stay on what it is today and for (12) years of provoking crises and creating problems and try to impose a vision of the province on the central government and deal according to a fait accompli and the policy of "divide and rule", and look at the political partners in Baghdad, they are weak partners, can not last forever, and began everyone is aware of the Kurdish policy direction of the government center, but this Putting the Kurdish leadership in front of one of these options is an important and supportive ministerial change in the Iraqi government step; because the Kurdish leadership accustomed to over the past period as is the dictate and put conditions on the Baghdad government.

Therefore, there are a number of reforms the Iraqi government can gradient by starting from the vote on the ministerial cabin during the next ten days to change agents, consultants, general managers, and heads of independent bodies within a month, and the opening of corruption and hold negligent and corrupt files, since 2003, and to amend the constitution, and legislation some of the basic laws of the state-building and the restructuring of its institutions, and reconsider some laws that began before, and in particular the electoral law and the law of parties, etc., and build a military institution properly away from politicization and partisanship and quotas.

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