Najafi coalition: the reasons for the failure of government to break into the green and the parliament and call for Abadi explicitly and clarity
[Where - Baghdad]
said united coalition, led by Osama Najafi said government failure of the reasons that led to the storming of the demonstrators House of Representatives.
According to a statement of the coalition received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Saturday event from storming of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and the accompanying events and actions, indicates a set of facts should stand then in order to address them, the rotation instead of on a treadmill does not only lead to the destruction of Iraq and hit its unity and challenged the goals of his people.
He has to be recognition that government failure, and the failure to achieve a real achievement for the people, and a reluctance to make decisions, and to encroach upon the Constitution and the laws and regulations, and a lack of strategic vision capable of awareness of the problems and processed, all of which caused a loss of confidence in the government 's ability to advance constitutional responsibilities, and reflected on the failure of the parliament to convince people that he is able to overcome the interests of blocs and parties in favor of a national program of the year, which led to the transmission of demonstrations and sit - ins legitimate constitutionally to break into the green Zone stage and entering the building of the House and tampering with its contents and the threat of some of its members, adding that he " It did exceed the legitimacy of hurt in the direction of compromising the prestige of the state and endangering public security to serious risks.
and that Muttahidoon believes that the real responsibility and a duty of citizenship require to stay away from trying to find excuses and justifications bad performance , which was characterized by the last stage, and try to take charges on others, and the defense is justification that hides the desire to cling to power.
the statement continued that "the Prime Minister take responsibility and be clear and explicit in asking his booth ministerial government and his project, and the fate of previous agreements and the time limit for their implementation, and work to achieve a partnership that will strengthen the effort against terrorism and corruption.
He explained that the stage requires the ability to take a courageous and clear founded on the homeland and the citizen 's interest decisions, and the frequency and the search for the gains of the partners account , it will not only lead to further disintegration and collapse, Makdamoagafh fixed that with the reform, with a compelling and clear procedures, fair and laws, and calls on everyone to beware of use a banner of reform away from the real reform things.
he called for respect for the state and its institutions, and the lack of overtaking in any way on the citizens or public and private property.
the protesters are angry followers of the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, stormed on Saturday , the Iraqi parliament building and the halls of parliamentary and stormed the headquarters of the information department and other facilities.
the intrusion minutes after the word current leader Moqtada al - Sadr and his announcement "i'tikaaf" for two months , a rejection of the principle of quotas in the formation of the new ministry.
a number of MPs , including the second Deputy Speaker of parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed and head of the virtue Ammar Tohme beaten in addition to civil servants and Oaalamyin and military personnel charged with the protection of the building by demonstrators.
the face of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to pursue the elements that attacked the security forces and members of parliament.
and still demonstrators in the Square celebrations amid the green zone that contains the top - most government institutions.
and met the three presidencies, on Sunday, in the the home of President Fuad Masum , to discuss the current situation and the repercussions of demonstrators break into the green Zone. "