Calls for the legislation to the Social Security Act

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A number of deputies and specialists in economic affairs that the current situation of the country , particularly to the different layers Almojta require circumvent seriously and effectively to the social security legislation to achieve justice and to ensure the rights of the community law.

The Commission said the economy and investment parliamentary member Nora Albjara in an interview for "Economy News", the Social Security Act is an important law because it would guarantee the rights of workers by taking a certain amount of workers during their work and are recovered his future , or when an accident hinders his work.

Albjara indicated that the committee require the vote on the law in exchange included pension rights for workers in the private sector, saying that it will support the private sector through the promotion of its work and thus ease the burden on the state in terms of career Alatraq.

And suggested the member of the Committee of Economy and Investment inclusion of the Social Security Act in the work of the House of Representatives agenda to read it and vote on it in the coming sessions of the parliament.

For its part, the Committee on Labour and Social Affairs Parliamentary confirmed, that the Social Security Act will ensure that pension rights for workers.

A member of the committee MP Kanna for "Economy News", that the Social Security Act will ensure that pension rights for all workers , whether in the public or private sector , and even people who have small businesses, commercial or markets Mhalat also covered by the law.

He added that the government has pledged to parliament in the next few days after completing the relevant committees in the Council of Ministers discussed the law, likely sending it to parliament in the next few days to be initiated to read it and vote on it.

He noted that his committee has been working since the beginning of the current parliamentary session on legislation of a law that guarantees pensions for all workers ' rights in the country because this segment is one of the largest segments of the society, and thus will be able to improve the living conditions of citizens.

The presidency of the republic and it already has dispatched law for Social Security , but he did not exhorts accepted by the government and parliament being reproduced from old laws the law came, prompting the Ministry of Labour and the government to prepare a new law has been discussed in the Council of State.

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