Nuri al-Maliki's statement on the demonstrators to enter the House of Representatives

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Nuri al-Maliki's statement on the demonstrators to enter the House of Representatives

The security and political situation severe turmoil portends a great danger, and in this atmosphere can not be for the House to produce a ministerial change completely or partially legally valid, amid threats and occupation of the House of Representatives and enter the Green Zone and the ministries that disrupted the political life and work of state ministries, in addition to this enormous breach Maravq House of Representatives hearings and votes of appeals and suspicions and problematic and not achieve a quorum sessions, which are problematic can not and may not be passed, including delivery and resulted in the security situation and the results of the changes.

I've been reshuffle partial amid death threats by the protesters for all those who do not vote if otherwise his conviction, the result is that the changes that took place did not come with ministers better than the former, but that some of the nominations accounted for a decrease in the required level due to lack of proper selection and dictations.

Each of the above and an end to all these grave circumstances and the integrity of the political process that we call for the application of reform away from the turbulent atmosphere.

We ask everyone to go hard and constructive cooperation to solve the security problem and restore the prestige of the state and all the legislative, executive and judicial powers and address the legal and constitutional violations ..

After that guarantee internal stability, we are heading for all of us, and in an atmosphere appropriate to make the change and achieve real reforms touches reality away from the formal and the atmosphere of propaganda and media competition.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Nuri Kamal al-Maliki

Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party and president of a coalition

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