In brief .. what happened before the storming of the Green Zone until the withdrawal of the demonstrators to the Square celebrations

2016-05-01 01:11:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Successive events witnessed by the Green Zone on Saturday, in brief - without addressing the rumors and the news is reliable - to be a reader in the form of those facts that ravaged Bmgari government, parliament and diplomatic headquarters inside the most heavily guarded area in Iraq.

The Presidium of the parliament postpones session Saturday to attend the one in the afternoon waiting for the Prime Minister to put forward the names of candidates for the residual cabins government.
Prime Minister 's Office announces that Haider Abadi , will attend the meeting to provide the names of the candidates in the event of a quorum.
Saleem al - Jubouri announce the postponement of the meeting to next Tuesday for lack of quorum.
Sadr declared i'tikaaf for two months and to stop the political work of his movement and attacking the deputies "third term" who prevented reform to proceed.
Hundreds of demonstrators break into the Green Zone, at 2:30 pm, through one of the nearby headquarters of the Iraqi parliament 's Green Zone gates.
Hundreds more Azihon Alkonkurtih barriers and enter the fortified area.
Security forces do not show any resistance and exchanged kisses and greetings with the intruders.
Protesters stormed the parliament building and entering the main hall and the constitutional and fill Aorkh Parliament and the cafeteria every inch of the building
Dozens of deputies , accompanied by their families fleeing from the Green Zone through the gate far from intruders using Jlathm or boats across the Tigris River.
Abadi wandering accompanied by a large number of his bodyguards outside the Cabinet building and close to the parliament building and then back to his cabin the advice of security leaders.
Baghdad Operations Command announced a state of emergency and shut down the maximum entrances to the capital , Baghdad.
Bring security forces near the capital Baghdad and the southern regions toward the Green Zone.
The strength of the brigade emergency Baghdad and the fight against terrorism Alaarat fired rifles into the air , sound bombs and tear gas at demonstrators coming across the bridge toward the Green commentator.
US Embassy publishes special forces to protect its headquarters inside the Green Zone.
UNAMI shut the doors of its headquarters inside the fortified area
More than 15 diplomatic missions and embassy shut its doors within the green and declare a state of emergency.

(Directly attacks)

Canine for the Liberal bloc attributed heavenly directs demonstrators attacked fleeing deputies of parliament intercepted Jlathm.
Protesters dragged Prime Virtue bloc MP Ammar Tohme outside the parliament hall and Anhalon beat him and insult and Edmon face.
Bloc MP for the Virtue beauty Muhammadawi subjected to beatings and humiliation at the hands of a number of demonstrators.
Angry demonstrators prevented the MP from the Kurdistan Alliance car Ala Talabani to leave the parliament and wielding her insults
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed subjected to severe beatings at the hands of dozens of demonstrators in the absence of his bodyguards , who hid with the rest of the protections of the House of Representatives.
Protesters threw stones at cars Representatives Baknana water and shoes.

(Material damage)

Causing intruders broke Furniture Council press center in Parliament and the press conferences and interfaces.
Furniture cracking a number of the headquarters of political parties in parliament.

(Outside the Green Zone)

Lenses journalists pick up the closure of the road leading to Baghdad airport for an hour of time where I stood cars deputies and officials in the queues, and the operations of Baghdad denies.
Security forces deployed in the central bank and the bank Rafidain and Rasheed surroundings
Mtarabgdad denies travel officials and confirms that normal air traffic.
Hadi al - Ameri directed factions of the popular crowd to attend Bmaqrat Baghdad belt.
Sadrist warns of intervention "armed militias" and asserts that " the battle of the people . "


At six in the evening .. committee demonstrations directed the evacuation of Parliament.
The demonstrators were leaving the parliament building toward the Square festivities.

(Resonant speeches)

President calls for al - Jubouri and Abadi and leaders of the blocks for a cabinet reshuffle intended.
UN condemns the use of violence against elected officials and calls for dialogue.
Jubouri of the demonstrators: the attack on the Parliament House attack on the prestige of the state.
Abadi: peaceful protest must be within legal regulations and in accordance with the security plan.
Zarif: the need to find a logical ways and Aklaiah out of the Iraqi impasse
European Union: the Abadi and political leaders find a solution to the current impasse.
The end of the day
Protesters go to bed early the night in the courtyard of the celebrations adjacent to the Green Zone and raise their demands to Abadi al - Jubouri , and to implement them within 24 hours.
Abadi al - Jubouri Mazla inside the Green Zone free of all deputies and deputies.