US support .. Abadi al-Jubouri, seeking to pass new ministers and Athfezan them "political and media"

Views: 273 Published on: 30/4/2016, 11:12

BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari:

Political sources revealed on Saturday, for the completion of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi his cabinet noting that names known only to himself Abadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and two Athfezan them "political and media."

The sources said in an interview with the media Arab and seen by "Sky Press," that "Abadi al-Jubouri, continue to hold their meetings and talks to agree on names," adding that "both sides are keen on the confidentiality of the names, and not exposed to any media entity or political."

She added that "al-Abadi received considerable support by US Vice President Joe Biden, who is visiting Baghdad to resolve the issue of the new cabin," noting that he "reiterated Washington's support for Ebadi and change, which makes it easier for al-Abadi potential success of his efforts and the completion of the new cabin."

The source believes that "the presence of al-Abadi session on Saturday, and submit names, even if it has been approved only some of them, Sacetkmlha, during next Monday's session, if all the names have not been accepted."

For his part, says the decision of the Iraqi parliament Imad Youkhana, said that "the meeting will be held on Saturday, as decided by the presidium of the parliament, and the presence of al-Abadi was likely but not certain, because he asked for time until this week did not specify Saturday."

He adds that "Abadi asked the MPs to attend sessions to complete the vote on the ministerial cabin," likely to "pass the next sessions of Parliament runs smoothly, unlike what happened during Tuesday's session, especially the House of Representatives of the protesters suspended their attendance in Parliament and surrendered to the inevitable."

In this context, Mutassim MP Kadhim al-Shammari said that "the House of Representatives of the protesters hung attending parliamentary sessions until further notice."

Al-Shammari said, in a press statement, yesterday, said that "brings the House of Representatives of the protesters four sub-committees form, will one of them to set up the rules of procedure of the opposition front. Among the committees, one to set up the rules of procedure for the front, and the other to follow up the issue of the appeal which we have presented to the Federal Court on the illegality of the presidency Saleem al-Jubouri of the parliament. "