The impending opening of two new centers to issue a national card in Basra

2016-04-30 06:16:20 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Announced a unified national card project director Brigadier - Khafaji arose from near the opening of two new centers for the issuance of a unified national card in Basra province.

Khafaji said Radio tow will be the opening of one of these centers in the area to maintain associations located center will be opened in other conditions stronghold circle , noting that in the beginning it was the conditions of Siba circuit according to the legal agreement with the company executed.

And the unified national director of the card that the Supreme Committee for the follow - up to the national card will take place during the next few days visit to follow up this matter and to create the conditions of being a center circle contains the largest number of records in the two sites mentioned project.

He said he was trained dedicated staff for this project in addition to providing equipment and related supplies that will be activated later.

The Directorate of Personal Status in the hand of the district of Abu Fertile south of Basra Siba has embarked on December 6, 2015 granting a unified national card to the people side.