Transparency International: political parties are the most corrupt in Iraq

Erbil-Iraq Press -29 April
: confirmed director of the Middle East and North Africa in the TI, Ghada small, during its participation at the crossroads of the Middle East economy (Mary) in Erbil, the political parties are the most corrupt institutions in Iraq, followed by the parliament, the judiciary and the institution military.

Little said in a press release: In the last four years, meet Iraq's record very low scores on the Corruption Perceptions Index, and in 2012 Iraq's record of 18%, and the decline in the number of post-2012 to 16%, this means that Iraq is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, according to results studies, and the closer the state of a percent each were less corrupt state.

She continued, that barometer of global corruption and a copy of 2013 in Iraq, said 47 percent of Iraqi citizens that the political parties are the most corrupt institution in Iraq, followed by the parliament by 43%, followed by the judiciary and the military, and noted Barometer that functions in Iraq are filled through Allowastat and cronyism, and through the influence he enjoyed as officials in the ministries and non-departmental who interfere in order to hire a number of employees, and there is a report by the census devices indicates that 35% of employees in the public sector have been hired without a competitive process, and 63% of citizens Iraqis, especially the employees of public are unwilling to report corruption for fear of reprisals against them in the case carried out the reporting of corruption.

And the corruption index in the Iraqi Security Institutions showed little, that "corruption and the risk of corruption in the security establishment, class of this indicator in the last edition in 2015 Iraq as part of a class Maani that Iraq is a very high degree of fragility in the field of corruption in the security and defense sector.

And Izzat International responsible unwillingness of the Iraqi citizens to engage in the fight against corruption to "lack of confidence in the government and the judiciary, and the Iraqi citizen say if it was about corruption and reached the case to the integrity, will not be the person the corrupt accountable, not to mention the legal system, particularly the penal code does not have the deterrent penalties in this area "noting" there was a real need to reform the legal system and revise the Penal Code to criminalize all forms of corruption and the lifting of sanctions in this regard. "

And on the success of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the fight against Alvesat Little said, "There are big promises given by Abadi, but until this moment all these promises tripped and possible to be a reason for the lack of political will, or the political quota system or a parliament to block reform, there are several factors that help to produce corruption. "

She concluded by saying, "Abadi promised to fight the phenomenon of" ghost soldiers "in the Iraqi army, and we heard later that this phenomenon be produced again in the popular crowd forces" .anthy