Preacher Nasiriyah: workers World Day celebration requires serious pause to better themselves.
Friday 29 April 2016
-2:04 pm

Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi Nassiri called before Friday prayers in the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Abbas downtown Nasiriyah Federal Government reducing class differences among segments of society by preparing just payroll for all employees in the State.
Nasseri said that the Government must respect the working class and fairness under the current economic conditions by improving social security insurance paid them.
He added that the workers in the world day celebration requires serious pause by the concerned legislation and laws that guarantee pension and social betterment, pointing out that domestic workers are the most affected in the meantime they bear much of the burden for Latvian wage demands. date%3D29042016%26id%3Dc0e89561-417d-4b12-be74-fff7e261d029