Religious authority: Iraq needs to (plan) to get out of the current crisis, otherwise this will collide

Friday 29-04-2016
| 11:25:49

Twilight News cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi school / on Friday said Iraq needed to participate in the plan developed by "religious seminaries and universities, academic and Iraqi clans and political elites" out of the crisis, otherwise you will come up against the reality.
He called during his weekly, from the city of Karbala, seminaries and universities to the need to have a role he described as a (positive) towards what is happening in Iraq.
The student, in front of a crowd of followers, the Iraqi tribes that have their effective contribution as well.
He said the school "any plan put in place to correct the path of the country is based on these four pillars, namely, (seminaries) and (universities) and (tribal) and (politicians), they would run into reality will not only blame ourselves then."
He added that "the meeting of the four corners of the sponsor to finding appropriate solutions to the problems of Iraq, as happened when the religious authority issued a fatwa Ulkipaia jihad against Daash and combined through which the clergy, universities, tribal and political efforts to defeat these criminal gangs and this testifies to us until the enemies."
The school authority, in the side of his word, that any force in the world are not able to defeat the Iraqi people today.
"If all the armies of the world have built up and strengthened and mobilized their capabilities to fight the Iraqi people will not appreciate - God willing - to defeat or even meet it."
He believed that politicians have over the past period are good steps, including demonstrations and sit in parliament, but urged that these practices be within the framework described as (Hakim) and (peaceful).
"It needs to be a political movement in Iraq within the framework of a wise and peaceful in order not to turn into a conflict lead the country to chaos."
"I thank all the wise politicians who were with the demands of the Iraqi people and tried to achieve them."