Religious reference emphasizes taking lesson politicians who had beaten them and give citizens their {extended}
Tarikh التحریر:: 2016/4/29

{Karbala: Euphrates news} tightened religious reference made by its representative in Karbala Sayed Ahmed Safi, responders of liability of politicians to account who had beaten them.
The representative of the Supreme reference in Holy Karbala Ahmed Safi, during Friday prayers at the Holy Al-Husseini, saucer correspondent attended {Euphrates news}, "Imam said clause {PBUH} and in Egypt speculations, told him not keep things prefects only mentioned, not only recall their and their good or ugly, funds must be the Deputy of the ravages of age to come upon it be heartbreak to her family, and if you like to know the consequences of benevolence, and abuse Lost minds that see things of past Governors, Salehi their evil, do you find them someone improved on his people? And they feared his store, marked by giving the same right to hurt him so severely Queen, or in the same body, or in the good in people, or find someone worse in people biography it intensified his store had so of splendor in Queen as he entered it from people in both worldly and hereafter. "
"And then seal front {p} and he said:" they don't look at what brings money, but look at what the pool of good works and works of favors. "
NET, he explained, "some cases of common people covered by this elk or, be they a man collecting money, but collect favors and worship, and that's good, but when human addresses certain responsibility may be to doubt that these things will be tougher and Ollie, so forward {p} spoke with {owner} when sent Walia, and wanted to alert the owner to the important things affect his mandate to scant, give it time that he turned."
He said that to every one, but being Walia address things Muslims must be the same for more control, more wenshaeh, and dilapidated to turn to what the faithful {p} who collect him Muslims either as trustee after the Prophet, or being a successor of IV, this from a guy who was the Caliph of the Muslims, and chocolate cake with words including {owner}, speech, and to respond to understand how things work yet. Text ".
Pointing out that "not only remains, Governors are realistic issue, leaving only mentioned, not only recall their and their how they were with the parish? , Effects and consequent biography ".
He noted the need no responders of liability in the seduction of riches, money and the army, and other things that can make them hoard with impunity and Sergeant, stressing the need not to be hum {money}; for it would be heartbreak. "
"It is human, front {p} recommend owner says to see who kissed you, don't look at what brings money, but look at what I gathered from the blessings and virtues to be bringing in people loved." Finished h reference invites responders of liability for not falling into temptation.