Overseeing the protests, the Committee calls for a demonstration next Saturday rally Liberation Square at
12:30 AM Orbit News -
Central committee supervising the popular protests called for a demonstration in front of the gates of the Green Zone on Saturday, while confirming the continuation of the open sit-in in Tahrir Square.

The committee said in a statement, said that 'after the victory of the will of the Iraqi people, the will of corruption and corrupt In order to be a complete victory for the draft National Reform call on the sons of the Iraqi people to continue the demonstrations and protests Iraqi popular and peaceful protests angry', stressing 'the continuation of an open sit-in Tahrir Square. "

Commission 'of the Iraqi people and called for women and men, of all factions, and its components into a mass demonstration Magdy Rady peaceful and that next Saturday', indicating that the 'assembly will be in Tahrir Square at ten in the morning and from the starting to the Green Zone gates'.
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