Parliamentary Oil: the lack of trust between the province and the center led to the obstruction of the oil accord
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Zaher al-Abadi said "the lack of trust between the province and the center prevented the continuation of the oil agreement, including; because the center gave the region what he wants, but the center did not continue with this agreement."
Among al - Abadi told {Euphrates News} on Friday that "if he wants the province to stick to genuinely with the Baghdad government, and be honest in uniting Iraq away from all the material gains, political, and economic must be entwined with the central government."
And the deputy that " the decline in the amount of oil in the province would adversely affect him , "noting that" the region can not provide salaries for its employees, but can not provide special Adamhmcharaah budget. "
he announced the province at the time that" exports told to 500,000 barrels per day. "
the Baghdad and Erbil may have concluded an agreement at the end of 2014 eliminates the Kurdistan region to hand over 550,000 barrels per day of oil fields, and fields of Kirkuk in exchange for the receipt of the federal government 's share of the provincial financial budget by 17% of the total state budget, but this agreement is still stalled , although the two sides did not abandon him. Ended