Kerry: reforms in Iraq and begin a comprehensive government Biden there confirms this
{International: Euphrates News} US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that "reforms in Iraq starts overall government that represents everyone," adding that "Joe Biden, the US vice president, who visited Iraq in Baghdad on Monday stressed the need that."
Biden was visited on Thursday, Iraq and met with Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and discussed with them the political developments and security, economic, and telephoned {event of arrival to Baghdad} with the President Fuad Masum, stating that " his visit to Iraq was in favor of supporting Iraq politically, economically and militarily. "
US Secretary of State John Kerry said in an exclusive interview with one of the websites," the Washington supports specific reforms in Iraq , "he said . " we were clear with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, if we want to progress and to improve the Iraqi economy, and restore stability to the country, the government should be the University and represent everyone. "
Kerry pointed out that" Washington has helped the Iraqis in finding some solutions to internal problems, (fear) "he was quoted as saying" we have resolved some differences and difficulties, and we hope that people are moving in the same direction Joe Biden , the vice president is in Iraq, speaks of the need for the government represents everyone in the country. " with regard to counter terrorist Daash gangs, Kerry said that" Washington was working with 66 allied country is making significant efforts to eliminate Daash "he said. he added that" Daash incurred losses great lately, "adding , " We are active in the field, and our allies in the Middle East are working on funding for Daash cut. "
He said Kerry , " We strive to prevent young people from vulnerable Bdaash, there are several initiatives in social media to counter the rhetoric {Daash} , we reduce the flow {terrorists} aliens by narrowing the travel rules at airports, and the issuance of visas. "
He explained that" the field efforts resulted in the killing of many of Daash leaders in the field, securing 44% of the land in Iraq, and 17% in Syria. " Ended