Justice: the development of Iraqi parties circle and set a timetable for provincial elections

2016-04-29 00:40:23 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Ministry of Justice, to develop, on behalf of the Department of [Iraqi parties Department] take it upon themselves to organize the party affiliation and work according to the law on political parties approved by the House of Representatives on 27 August.

A statement of the Ministry for Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili as saying that " the judicial departments, especially the book department reversed and the State Consultative Council will undertake to provide possible assistance in order to help the Iraqi parties Department to act as her new and important in our country."

He explained Zamili during a meeting in his office on Thursday, Director General of the Iraqi circuit parties Saad Al Abdali, said that " the Council of State, his role mainly in the legislation of laws and advise departments and state institutions," noting that " the Council of State will take it upon himself to help the parties circle to make the necessary adjustments for the law of parties , and instructions circle, and trading on an ongoing basis to help these novel circuit in the independent Electoral Commission. "

For his part, Director General of the Department of the Iraqi parties Saad Al Abdali, to set a timetable soon to complete a special election next provincial councils to prepare and submit a full perception of the role of the Directorate , which was formed in accordance with the special law and it is the law of parties.

And between, the "fixed time Directorate ceilings must be adhered to complete the registration of parties participating in the political process a year, with the importance of taking into account the legal ceilings on their work and to suit the reality of the political process and the ambition of the Iraqi street."