Former Iraqi parliamentarian: Iran sheltering Shiites do not protect them and use them nor serve them
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Iraqi former parliamentarian, said Omar Abdul Sattar, said that the reason for the political movement in Iraq , recognizing the Shiite parties that they failed to rule, after 13 years in power , squandered a trillion dollars and missed a third of the area of Iraq, and the abandoned three million citizens, and ruined the four provinces as well as tens of thousands of innocent detainees in its jails.

And Abdul Sattar, a researcher in international relations, and the leaders of the Sunnis in Iraq, was sentenced to life in prison during the rule of Nuri al - Maliki, which is now outside the country.

And he stressed that "there are 55 militia in Iraq follow the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and controls all the joints of the resolution of security and political, judicial and prevent the return of the state , which were absent from Iraq after the occupation, and do it for the benefit of Iran and the mandate of the jurist."

About his vision of regional affairs said in an interview with "Islam Today": that Iran is looking for chaos, in Lebanon and in the light of the Lebanese civil war crept through Hezbollah, and in Iraq after 2003 infiltrated Iraq, and Syria after the 2011 also moved in Yemen after 2014 I found a place, then no solution but to end the chaos and the return of the state, and this Matqom now Saudi Arabia and Turkey through military Islamist alliance.

The following is the text of the interview ..

Islam Today: Where is heading the Sunnis in Iraq? And where their strengths and weaknesses? And what they have to do to overcome the crises that have suffered from displacement and demolition of their areas and the entry of armed groups need?

Heading Sunnis to appear again on the Iraqi arena after an absence of 13 years, it has failed to show the absence of the state and would return her return, Fmrdjaah Sunnis is the state they were civilians , of course, but I appreciate them on the face of the absence of the state; because they Aijmahm only jurisdiction, so they split the absence of state in 13 years, Some from the political process opposed, demanding the return of the state, and some of them they participated for the sake of the state back, and some of them fought al - Qaeda in 2007 so that the Iraqi state back, and some of them marched in 2013 for the same purpose, have all failed in achieving their goal; because the "Iranian non - state chaos" were better able to prevent the return of the state of Iraq; and because they have lost any international shepherd Ihtdhanhm, was absent , unlike their partners in the nation, it has failed several attempts to collect the year in the absence of the state on one hand, and each year the four co them and exhibitions departments and fought al - Qaida and demonstrated in 2013 targeted for a single arc, symbols and audience arrest, assassination, displacement and destruction of their areas and delivered to Daash in 2014 and al - Qaeda in 2006, and may be teh year in the absence of the state, it is what led to their partners failed to home in the leadership of Iraq since 2003, and this is proof that Iraq does not have an Iraq without the Sunni Arabs, and seems to be partners in the homeland has finally realized that, and here we are witnessing Unlike Shiite Shiite Unlike a Kurdish Shiite, but Kurdish Kurdish also contrary, all in the index for the return of the state after its absence, especially as it comes in the aftermath of the geopolitical regional and international since the fall of Nineveh , however Daash in 2014 and the subsequent return of an American, then the Lausanne agreement which led to the isolation of Iran with the rise of Saudi Turki in 2015 and hopes the anguish that has become since 2003 , when Iraq is behind Faraj close in 2017.

Islam today: nearly eight months and the term "reforms and technocrats" ringing in the ears of the Iraqis? In your opinion , why is this time? Is there any point in these appeals?

This term is ringing in the Iraqi scene in 2015 caused Mazkrth you mentioned from the realization Shiite parties that control it failed to rule, and failed not to persuade countries that they serve to judge; but in persuading Shiite audience as well as Sunnis and Kurds, after 13 years of rule squandered a trillion dollars and missed a third of the area of Iraq , however Daash, and the abandonment of three million citizens, and ruined the four provinces, and Khot Authority 's budget on the thrones, as well as tens of thousands of innocent detainees in its jails, here the Shiite public move in 2015 demanding by virtue of a civilian and government Tankoaqrat, and this is also the repercussions of change power equation to the disadvantage of Iran internationally and regionally after Lausanne and after the Saudi Turkish rapprochement after US return, the feasibility of claim Baltknuaqrat, we see that got her pregnant is still on the tractor, in light of the dispute between Muqtada al - Sadr and Nouri al - Maliki today for the leadership of the Shiite House, which I expect they will later Shiite uprising against the dominance of Iran Mlecat, before we see the government of technocrats presence.

Islam Today: How do you see what happened today in the House of Representatives vote on the new ministers and the dismissal of the former? The sit -in number of claimants of Representatives for reform and dismissed the parliament speaker Salim al?

What happened today was the first in a series of transition in Iraq from the lean years ago under the rule of al - Maliki to years slippers she came back, and the second workshop in a series Shiite Shiite conflict between al - Sadr and Maliki , who launched the first episode in 2008 , and was in favor of al - Maliki then, and today the battle balance changes shall be in favor of al- Sadr and the third in a series of keep - Maliki and symbols of his two terms for controlling the security and civil institutions Affairs, it was the first deportation rings in August 2014 while the removal of al - Maliki as prime minister, then in the second were expelled al - Maliki for the position of vice president in August 2015, and today failed Maliki , in an attempt to stop his deportation to Mrhaiih, al - Maliki has tried to stop a series away from the decision and the impact sites seminars, and back again to take revenge on those who ousted him as prime minister and the Republic and those who carry the responsibility of the fall of Nineveh, but failed on miserably, al - Maliki has tried to turn on three presidencies that were going in the way of removal of Maliki civilians and security.

That what happened today is the task of a comma in the path of Superstorm Sandy militias that are associated with al - Maliki and Iran, al - Maliki has realized this, and tried to stop the dismissal of militias to draft the dismissal of the three presidencies.

Islam today: Iraq of more countries in the region and possibly the world census of armed militias and their role on the ground is known, do you see her any role in Iraqi political decision and what is its future? Is it to go away? Or linger expands?

Yes , and also sealed my answer to your question above, there are 44-55 militia in Iraq follow the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and controls all the joints of the resolution of security and political, judicial and prevent the return of the state , which were absent from Iraq after 2003, and do so for the benefit of Iran and the mandate of the jurist, and Iran to do so to protect the requirements of security national defense of its political authoritarianism, Iran 's velayat - e faqih take Iraq back garden so you want a weak state affiliates through its agents, Iraq is a strong military threat to it, and Iraq 's strong economic competitor, and Iraq 's strong political obstacle geopolitical in the region to gain access to the medium, and here It prevailed Iranian non - state agents in Iraq after the 2003 Fiercely it, and still present themselves on the international community ally alone in the fight against Daash and al - Qaeda through its militias, and those who stand against them at their own game this graded as Daasha and BCD and terrorist, has Nhjt in this game vandalized four capitals, Beirut since 1982 and since 2003 , Baghdad, and Damascus since 2011, and Sanaa since 2014.

But the Arab Spring expose and expose the other game to her, which is that Iran claims they came for the sake of Palestine, and perhaps this will be one of the greatest Arab Spring achievements , which not only expose Iran, and even a boat between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and this is more what terrifies Iran 's velayat - e faqih that revealed her game and found out her secret and gather against her opponents, who have worked to disperse them since 2001 , for the day.

Islam today: In the previous elections , these politicians got thousands of votes from the electorate, and the day remained on the next election , probably less two? How to read a psychological Iraqi voters? Do the same faces will be elected for the political process?

Iraqi mood sharp and volatile and a revolutionary mood and Aerdy for one, but the predominance of militias Iran 's 55 with the base first and Daash Secondly , during the last 13 years terrified and terrorized people, I've had the Iraqis and Iraq with them during the 13 years that have passed, just like the cat that locked a woman is not Lahey is the bait and let it eat from the vermin of the earth, and now approached or almost release of Iraq and Iraqis from Iranian jail, then most likely the Iraqis to re - elect these political class again.

Islam today: Is there a conflict between the Shiite - Sunni citizens in Iraq and who feeds it ? Or is it a conflict between the political power and influence?

Sunni - Shiite conflict or the conflict between Daash and militias is a game of Iranian influence privilege; Iran invented and you want does not end, Iran velayat - e faqih , for example , was supporting the Mahdi Army in 2006 to kill Sunnis, and supports al Qaeda to kill Shiites, and this is acknowledged by Qassem Soleimani, after hesitancy in front of Tareq al - Hashemi in 2007, when pressed , and offered him the evidence and asked him to answer Q. Why are you doing this? Why do you support the Mahdi Army to kill you support the Sunnis and al - Qaeda to kill Shiites? Soleimani said after the rejection and frequency that Iran 's national security requirements, the same sentiments Osama Najafi time ago that one of the poles of the Revolutionary Guards in Tehran met with him and told him , in 2013, that did not stop with al - Maliki, the Daash occupy Nineveh !! Iran is sheltering Shiites and Athmiam, and employed and Atkhaddmanm, and fighting them and Atdf killing them, eight Iran - based alliance of minority strategy, it stands with an affiliate is opposed by a fugitive or dead or detained, but no different so be standing with them or opposed by Sunni or Shiite, Iran is not a Shiite, so it is today stands with Christian Armenia against Azerbaijan Shiite.

Islam today: after the liberation of a number of provinces Sunnis Kalanbar, Tikrit and Diyala Do you think that the talk about the regions will return from New media and political arena? Is there really a US attempts to Vdrlh Iraq?

No solution in Iraq but Balfdrlh, pleased that some or rejected; because federalization become a reality can not be bypassed, Iraq today three areas one of which , however , the Kurds and the second , however Daash and third , however , militias, and areas Daash after liberation will , however , her family, and will not allow the militias again to return to her, eight Iraq moved after 2003 from a centralized state into chaos without a state, it is now between the partition and federalization, I do not think anyone wants Iraq 's division, and in 1920 Iraq was a three states are Mosul, Basra and Baghdad, but I think that the regions of Iraq that formed will not be sectarian or ethnic, but will be geographical , especially as we are seeing , unlike Sunni Muslim Sunni and Shiite Shiite and Kurdish Kurds, a reality that pushes everyone to the political system , a new decentralized, and America believes that the federal system is the best, and the last global battle was between its federal system Central Soviets, in which the federal system triumphed, but it remains to be Murad America in Iraq is not the only form of government; it aside Old Middle East and another based on their goal in the long way to build a new international system leading the compass.

Islam today: expansion of Iran in a clear Arab countries , which is no secret; but the question here about Iran 's strategy to expand in Arab and Gulf countries , especially the policy? And how to read the movement of the Islamic Alliance and maneuvers Raad North and classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization?

I 've mentioned earlier strategy of Iran in the Levant after 2001 and 2003 , possibly due to 1982 when the first spearhead its Lebanon formed through Hezbollah, the first strategy for Iran is exploiting the chaos and the absence of the state of the incursion, and the more I got chaos in the state Nglgt Iran created in the chaos beta her, in Lebanon and in the light of the Lebanese civil war crept through Hezbollah, and in Iraq after 2003 and in the absence of state infiltrated Iraq, and Syria after the 2011 incursion in Yemen after 2014 and found her place, then no solution but to end the chaos and the return of the state, and this Matqom now Saudi Arabia and Turkey through military Islamist alliance, the second Strategic pursued by Iran, was to laugh at the people that it wants the Liberation of Palestine, and the people believe it , even ruined the four capitals of the solution here that Turkey and Saudi Arabia is preparing to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine so as not to be the case a composite false for one, Iran 's third strategy is that Iran posed itself an ally in the fight against terrorism Daash Sunni and al - Qaeda through its militias, and here has to be the recognition that the problem of Sunni Daash Iran has employed in its favor, and the nation must be resolved dilemma.

The Islamist alliance is a blessing from God, that gave the nation in Zervha tragic, military and political alliances to stop the chaos Iran of terrorism and how to not be the feasible and the nation had assembled an alliance of 40 countries against 44 militia Iranian and how no longer be viable and battle day battle alliances and resources, we see that Saudi Arabia , for example , Turkey, not involved battles of attrition since 2003, unlike Iran , which has drained its resources in the last 13 years.

Hezbollah took advantage of the deteriorating situation appeared in Iraq, Syria, and Daash also took advantage of lawlessness in Iraq, Libya and some other countries? Do you see that they follow the same strategy.

Daash equal Hezbollah, two arm chaos of non - state Alaernih, Tozvhma in a game of influence and two Siamese twins that each other , followed by Matt will Daash end only the end of Hezbollah and sisters , the 44 militia, not Hezbollah 's end only end Daash, two sides will not only end the alliance of countries, the He finished it will be the first step in the demise of the velayat - e faqih.

We have seen in the follow - up on Facebook minutes per what Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said about Saudi Arabia economic vision for 2020 ... What is the secret of this careful follow - up? And how you saw her?

Her secret we are happy that Saudi Arabia never be a land of the Two Holy global Islamic model as is Turkey, seeing Mohammed bin Salman and brings with him virtuous scientists first way to combine peoples choices and necessities At.ohzh vision if successful will qualify Saudi Arabia to shift from a rentier state to the producer and State of absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, and in this detail is not here field. Therefore, the people rejoice, to be Saudi Arabia 's Vision 2030 and Turkey in 2023 and pulmonary countries of the nation 's largest countries and now they are getting closer in a way to get the first time in centuries. Vpinhma Military Coordination Council in the Turkish Incirlik and the Council of Coordination of political and economic signed in Istanbul a few days ago. They rejoice that the Istanbul gathering today Erdogan and Salman collected as Abu Ayyub al - Ansari and Mohammed the Conqueror, and those of the biggest blessings that deserve prostration to God . Thank you. The nation has been dreaming to see some of that , how can it have felt that it has become a reality.

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