Parliament finish reading the five laws and vote on the grounds of Sinjar stricken city expanded {}

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} in the House of Representatives ended its regular twenty-fifth, headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 184 deputies on Thursday, 04/28/2016, read the five bills, in addition to the formation of a parliamentary committee for dialogue with the objectors of Representatives.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it at the outset of the meeting President al - Jubouri , he stressed that the period witnessed the dialogues with the objectors of Representatives, declaring welcome the Presidency of the Council to dialogue with them and respect all points of view in accordance with legal procedures and rules of procedure, and expressed the readiness of the presidency House of Representatives to be within the committee in charge of the dialogue with the objectors of Representatives and open the door for those who wish to be a member of the Committee , which will be supported by the presidency of the Council.

with regard to the House of Representatives salaries Jubouri pointed to the existence of the decisions on the process of deduction for salaries in the past year but the presidency of the Council worked hard time and it blocked deduction for employees because they are not a legal process , but the Ministry of Finance the current year to deduct mandatory private that the ministry of the Council granted a monthly allocations, noting that the decision of the Ministry of Finance resulted in the two types of first deductions natural deduction for each state employees and the second last year obligations that have not been deducted amounting to 35%, noting that the meetings were held with the responsible parties have been reducing the rate of deduction to 20% where it was contact the Central Bank to strengthen the financial balance of the Council for staff salaries distribution.

He noted the chairman of the House of Representatives to the non - objection of the presidency of the Council to hold a special session to discuss the conditions of the Council at the request of a number of ladies and gentlemen of Representatives.

In another matter, the Council agreed to accept the resignation of MP Hassan Sinead , based on Article 49 - paragraph III of the rules of procedure for the year 2007 for the replacement of members of the House of Representatives as has been postponed a vote on an alternative candidate until the completion of legal procedures, as President al - Jubouri , thanked the deputy resigned Hassan Sinead big role over the years in the legislative work.

the Council voted on a resolution as Sinjar stricken city because of what he suffered elimination of the damage affected the purposes and symptoms by Daash gangs of terror and to the right of the elimination of damage to property amounted to 85% included places of worship.

and finished the Council first reading of the draft law on ratification the Convention on avoidance of double taxation Law and exchange of information with respect to taxes on income and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Protocol and submitted by the Committees on Foreign relations and integrity for the purpose of development and strengthening of economic relations between the two countries for the avoidance of double taxation and the exchange of information with respect to taxes on income and capital in them and the inclusion of oil operations this Convention.

completed the Council for the first reading of the draft of the Iraqi national Paralympic Committee Act and submitted by the Committee of youth and Sports, which comes to the importance of sport for people with disabilities and the effective impact in their rehabilitation and integration into the groomed community and the development of mental, physical and moral abilities and their integration into the international sports movement Paralympics and to disseminate Albarrallambi awareness and consolidate humanitarian principles noble among these people and ensure occupy Iraq , its decent part of this movement.

completed the Council read the report and discuss the draft second amendment to the Law of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce No. {43} of the 1989 Act and submitted by the committees of economy and investment, financial and civil society institutions.

in the interventions of Representatives MP Abbas al - Bayati , the need for the law to some of the amendments calling for the acceptance of the trader is based Iraqi Federation of Chambers after determining the duration of his stay.

She drew MP Nora Albjara that the law contributes to the central devote despite efforts the ongoing reform of the economic reality. She MP Najiba Najib said the bill needs amendments fit with the free market economy and work to promote trade within Iraq between the provinces and regions. She called MP Hamdiya Husseini to determine who oversees the administrative board of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce elections and work on the accounting of exceeded the time limit on the presidency and the membership of the Union of Chambers and is fire the head of the Union of Chambers Albasth majority of the members of the administrative body. the MP Secretary Baker that the draft law contains clauses are not currently in line with the economic policy of the country to his foot.

in response to the interventions relevant committee emphasized taking into consideration opinions and proposals on the table to mature the bill. On the other hand, complete the council read the report and discuss the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international Convention for the prevention of pollution from ships, 1973 and submitted by the committees on Foreign relations and services, construction, health and environmental law. In the interventions of Representatives, asked the MP Ashwaq dry on the feasibility approval of the vote in the case law is applied not find on the ground.

in response to the interventions of the Committee on showed that the vote on the draft law would give Iraq a chance to take advantage of international organizations and services in preventing pollution. and he finished the Council read the report and discuss the draft support doctors and submitted by the committees of Health law and environmental and legal. in the interventions of Representatives indicated MP Birwan Khilani to the importance of the inclusion of graduates Medical Group law stressing the need physicians to laboratories and infrastructure in the various provinces to carry out their duties. He said US Rep . Joseph Salioh to the importance of the inclusion of the employees of the health sector within the law to protect them from violations and abuses.

He MP Salem Amuslimawi to the existence of the provinces exposed to the problem of the small number of doctors , which requires providing all the requirements to ensure attract them, pointing to the importance of encouraging doctors to work in areas threatened by security forces .

the MP Riad Ghraib to the inclusion of the affected provinces within the centrifugal provinces of physicians , which calls for granting privileges to doctors to work these provinces. in turn , the MP to meet Mehdi pink stressed the importance of identifying the residential lands granted to the doctor in the repellant areas or affected site.

the MP Ahmed electrodes on the importance of speeding up a vote on the law as it represents the importance of the support of doctors and contribute to the return of brains and medical talent to the country.

She noted an olive - Dulaimi MP to the importance of providing adequate housing for doctors in the repellant areas and even in the outskirts of Baghdad, demanding to activate the protection of doctors law in order to preserve them.

in response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed the presence of the law for support of doctors, referring to the attention of the Health Committee of the proposals and ideas put forward by the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, uncertain the adoption of the bill will help to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in some areas that suffer from a clear deterioration in the level of medical services.

on the other hand, the President of the Council, the parliamentary committee for dialogue with the objectors of Representatives to initiate its work headed by Aram Sheikh Mohammed , Vice chairman of the Board and the membership of Representatives Haider Abdul - Kadhim, Mohammed Naji Hassan Khalati and Abdul Hassan al - Musawi and Kanna and Ahmed al - Mashhadani and Mahmoud Reda and Muthana Amin Tariq friend and Farhad capable and demanded al - Jaafari and Sadiq Saleh Amer al - Khuzai. announced al - Jubouri , the determination of the Council to vote soon on a number of important laws that were completed projects, noting that any subject for questioning or to host officials will take the legal way according to specific time Tokiet and then decide to adjourn the meeting to next Saturday 30/4 / 2016.anthy