Defense industry recognizes the popular crowd and performances Bmentojadtha war

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The General Military Industries, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Wednesday, for the delivery of technical and commercial offers and draft contracts to the ministry of defense and the popular crowd to equip Bmentojadtha war.

The director of the Information Center and Public Relations at the Ministry Abdul Wahid Alwan al-Shammari in a press statement that "the delivery of technical and commercial offers and drafts for processing products that are manufactured in the company of ammunition and equipment that serve our armed forces and popular crowd defender D30 122 mm and 107 mm rockets with contracts Alrajmh to 107 rocket and mortar rounds to four types (60 mm 0.81 mm 0.82 mm 0.120 mm). "

The statement added that "it was delivered, Deputy Director General of the Directorate of armament, and equipment in the Ministry of Defense and Executive Associate to the President of the popular crowd draft contracts and offers technical and commercial for the purpose approved by the relevant committees where they were trading on the mechanism of processing and field test that will be implemented after the signing of the contracts."