Economic development requires attention to human resources

4/27/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Building human resources and promote the spirit of national belonging represent the most important hubs of economic and societal advancement in Iraq, which requires programs and plans minute work to create generations eligible for the management of all sectors with high efficiency. Member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jeweler stressed the importance of strengthening the sense of belonging and teamwork to build the country and reform and support the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity creative in general the Iraqi society in order to raise production capacity and do business in various sectors in line with the goal of achieving development Economic.

Making creativity

He pointed to the emphasis on strengthening human resources and enable them to contribute their specialties importance of creativity in the making of all the functional and community levels to implement the reforms.

Therefore it requires determining who will pay what and how, when and where And why. According to the document comprehensive reform «given activate the industrial sector and the agricultural sector in particular and other economic sectors (tourism, finance, insurance, trade and services) in general exceptional attention, particularly with regard to supporting the private sector to take the correct position in the movement of the economy

Basic goals

Jeweler between the need for criteria and a reformist team can identify and select the appropriate specialists for the tasks to achieve the fundamental objectives pursued by the country, pointing to the importance of the human factor to focus and attention to morale and belonging Care
Of the country.

He pointed to direct the events of a comprehensive methodology changes to the methods, approaches and perceptions of importance at all educational levels from kindergarten and continue for all institutions and stages of age, in order to create versed generation of all science and knowledge contributes to the creation of a new economic reality commensurate with the role of Iraq's economic arena

Commitment to education

The Jeweler: »It is obvious to everyone that the rule of law already requires education commitment to community values ​​the constructive and that each individual part of the total, as examples of the application of the system and traffic rules strictly on everyone and to prevent abuses on the sidewalks and the street and meet municipal services to all regions by improving somewhat productivity and also clock for individuals and mechanisms and organizing events to competitive between the regions and districts to achieve those
Activities ».


And the development of the industrial sector, the jeweler said: »the official industrial zones scattered in Baghdad and the provinces without conditions and factors that encourage the continuation of work and restart closed the plants, which requires serious and strict procedures for the provision, maintenance and operation services which do not facilitate the work of the closed projects and working humbly in, but to encourage new investors
As well.

He pointed to the importance of addressing the difficulty of allocating the land of small or medium in which the site is available full safety and provide full and easy access services both for the investor and workers with the Industrial Project Of experience". He concluded Jeweler to say: that »the business and investment, human resource development environment must be reviewed are selected plans that would promote all
Sectors ».