Allawi calls for the formation of a "civil front"
BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: The leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday to form a "civil front" by the forces of civil society in Iraq, the transfer of the community to the reality of the civil state. Allawi said, in a statement received "Tomorrow Press", a copy of which , that "because of going through the country from the dangers and crises and challenges due to the failure of the owner of the political process in the incorporation of civilian state institutions Nadzh and efficient, we call civil society forces in Iraq from the trade unions and professional unions and associations to form a united civilian front." he added: (fear)"adopt this front community move to put the sectarian quota system to the reality of the civil state, country of citizenship, which is based on the Justice and Equality, and the preservation of meat Iraqi society and its unity, through the adoption of these events represents the forces of the Iraqi working people project salvation of quotas and corruption, through Aljbhoa work of these forces, which leads to the achievement of a promising future for the people. "