Jubouri convey the parliament session to the Great Hall .. leaks and previews the names of the cabins Abadi

Baghdad -arac Press -26 April
: Moving House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, a little while ago, Tuesday 's session of the parliament hall to major constitutional hall. He called al - Jubouri , the House of Representatives to move the Constitutional Hall and participate in the vote on the cabin Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi session. According to the first leaks that the cabin to be provided by al - Abadi to vote in today 's session is the cabin itself first presented by al - Abadi in a sealed envelope before, while retaining the ministers of finance, defense, interior, and the survival of the post of Minister , "Commerce and Industry" after the merger vacant. the names of candidates are as follows: Abd al - Razzaq al - Issa - The Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. Sharif Ali bin al - Hussein - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Yusuf al - Asadi - the Ministry of transport. Hoshyar faithful messenger - The Ministry of construction and housing and municipalities. Hassan al - Janabi - The Ministry of Agriculture and water resources. Ali al - Jubouri - the Ministry of Education. Akil Yusuf - The Ministry of youth and culture. Mohammed Nasrallah - the Ministry of Justice. Alaa Dshir - the Ministry of Electricity. Wafa James Baldwin - labor and immigration - Alaa rich -mash Health

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