Sadr threatens to once again sit and break into parliament

Tuesday 26-04-2016
| 2:35:25

Twilight News / threatened the cleric on Tuesday the return of the sit-ins and the storming of the parliament in the event of failure of the government and parliament to take decisions satisfy the Iraqis in the meeting held today.

The aide said Sadr's jihadist Kazem al-Issawi in a speech on behalf of the leader of the protesters in front of thousands of followers of the Sadrist movement in Baghdad, that "if" House "continued their struggles did not vote for the independent cabins Balaatsamat we're staying."

He called for women and children, the survival of the protesters and men to "stand" ready to break into the Green Zone in the event of the failure of the parliament and the government to take decisions satisfy the Iraqis.