The protesters are demanding the lifting of a half-hour session promised attendees Bahrafhm
BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: deputies called for the protesters at Parliament House on Tuesday postponed the hearing , which was held under the chairmanship of , the parliament speaker Salim al - Jubouri, a half an hour, for the purpose of re - attendance calculation Bahrafhm. The reporter said , "Tomorrow 's Press," that " the number of deputies of the protesters demanded postponed the hearing , which was held just before the half - hour, for the purpose recount Beshravhm, adding that they were accused Jubouri using absentee MPs cards for the meeting to complete the quorum. It is said that Prime voter House of Representatives on the dismissal by the House of Representatives of the protesters Saleem al - Jubouri, said quorum today 's session in the presence of 167 deputies.