Jubouri hold a parliament session management pays the protesters claim to the county
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Thread: Jubouri hold a parliament session management pays the protesters claim to the county

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    Jubouri hold a parliament session management pays the protesters claim to the county

    Jubouri hold a parliament session management pays the protesters claim to the county and by appealing to eliminate


    BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

    Representatives commented sitters negotiations with Salim al-Jubouri, after his commitment to the management of Tuesday's session and stay unified his position as speaker of parliament.
    This came after negotiations that began in the past few hours in the House of Representatives between the two teams, to announce sitters after their boycott of the statements of the session called for by al-Jubouri, stressing non-participation in a session where the new presidency of the parliament is not elected.

    And try sitters in these negotiations to persuade al-Jubouri and his two deputies to submit their resignations in exchange for securing passed in Parliament, and the preservation of pension privileges, but that al-Jubouri, rejected the offer and Osraly preside over Tuesday's session.

    Being Forces Union consultations with the heads of political blocs and some lawmakers to urge them to complete the quorum of the joint meeting, which will be attended by the Prime Minister to discuss the upcoming ministerial amendments.
    He stressed Ahmed Mahjoub, media adviser to the Speaker of Parliament, that "Tuesday's hearing will be chaired by a comprehensive Saleem al-Jubouri," pointing out that "to meet the protesters MPs Jubouri was good."

    Says MP from the Bloc reform Zaher al-Abadi said that "al-Jubouri not reached with the negotiating committee, formed by the sitters, an agreement on resolving the parliamentary crisis and hold a joint session on Tuesday," he said Jubouri told the protesters that he wanted Tuesday's session management.
    Among al-Abadi told (the term) that "the protesters negotiated with al-Jubouri to ensure pass his resignation in Tuesday's session so as to ensure his pension rights and privileges." "We do not have to negotiate with al-Jubouri about his return to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives."

    The presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Sunday, have decided, (24th of April 2016), held a comprehensive meeting, on Tuesday, to discuss the government's reform and readiness to host the parliament, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to display his booth ministerial.

    And indicates a member of al-Jaafari, a block that "the protesters hung all negotiations with Saleem al-Jubouri, after stuck to his opinion and his insistence on a unified session called for by the administration last Sunday," stressing the protesters not to attend any session unless the election of the new president.
    In the same context, MP for the coalition of state law that says Kamel al-Zaidi's insistence Jubouri stay in office is paid for a boycott of the negotiations and not attending Tuesday's session.

    He said al-Zaidi, told the (range), said that "the commitment Saleem al-Jubouri's decision to the Federal Court, which called for all of the damage from any decision of the House to go to court," stressing that "the protesters will not attend the session, al-Jubouri be managed."

    And refers member bloc state law that "the number of protesters deputies ranges from 110 deputies to 120 deputies," noting that "the Kurdistan Alliance, blocks and blocks of Badr and other mortgage attend the meeting unified presence of all parties in exchange for their participation in Tuesday's session."

    Zaidi explains that "there are political blocs asked their opinion of the protesters currently participate or not in session Tuesday to take the decision to participate in the unified session called for by al-Jubouri, last Sunday."
    In turn confirms the Federation of Iraqi forces "The Presidency of the Council of Representatives and some other political blocs is keen to hold a united meeting of all parties in order to discuss the issue of ministerial changes and the issue of the dismissal of the Presidency."

    MP says Abdul Kahar al-Samarrai, told the (range), "The presidency of the Council is able to hold a hearing Tuesday full quorum to decide the issue of ministerial cabin which is supposed to be discussed with the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who will be present."

    He continues, al-Samarrai said, "There are political parties will intensify its dialogue with the protesters in order to reach the two teams gathered in a unified session compelling solutions," calling on the House of Representatives of the protesters to "participate in Tuesday's session, which was devoted to the ministerial changes."

    Attention Forces Union member, said the latter is in contact with all the heads of blocs and the House of Representatives to urge them to participate in Tuesday's session to view the new ministerial cabin to be presented by the prime minister, "adding that" cutting the negotiations by the protestors will hold the political scene. "

    Samarrai said that "in the event of Tuesday's session held full quorum, it shall be entitled to apply for protestors to view the subject of the dismissal of the Presidency of the vote after the completion of the ministerial discussion topic cabin."

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