Security forces intensified their presence Tahrir Square and the headquarters of the ministries in preparation for a demonstration "millions"

23:58:37 4/25/2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad , said a source in the Interior Ministry, on Monday, that the security forces have stepped up their presence in Tahrir Square area and the road leading to the center of Baghdad and east, as well as enhanced protection on the headquarters of the ministries, as part of its preparations for the demonstration of the followers of the Sadr movement , "millions" in the capital. the source said in an interview with the (long - Presse) ,, the "Tahrir Square, central Baghdad, and roads leading to it, particularly Muhammad al - Qasim highway, witnessed widespread security intense preparation for the demonstration of the millions of followers of the Sadrist movement , on Tuesday, in conjunction with the upcoming session of the parliament." the source, who requested anonymity, that " the security forces have increased their presence in the vicinity of the headquarters of the ministries." It is noteworthy that the cleric, Muqtada al - Sadr, the face of his followers marched on Tuesday (26th of this April 2016), to put pressure on parliament to " vote on the new government cabin during a public hearing , "and accused political parties of" obstruction of the parliament and the completion of the required quorum to vote on the cabin , "and with the exception that the demonstration" Strabhm and force them "to hold a hearing and vote, called for" the gift of one people , women and men, young and children to achieve change "Sadr postponed after the demonstration to tomorrow , Tuesday, in conjunction with the overall parliamentary session called by, parliament Speaker Salim al. Sadr has arrived in Baghdad on Thursday evening, to attend a demonstration tomorrow, according to a senior political source, the (range Press.

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