Responsible UN: Iraq failed government and the international community to get involved with the run, but its leaders

00:10:00 26.4.2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News Kate Gilmore , Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations said on Monday that Iraq is run by a "failed government" and warned foreign powers of "participation" in this disregard for the plight of the Iraqi public. Gilmore added that the Iraqi government and international backers strongly focus on appended defeat organized by the Islamic state and have no strategy to reform the country after that. she said after a long trip for a week to Iraq "rests with the international community , which is fully focused on military action .. to give a similar effort in non - military aid." she added , "society must World should not allow himself to being involved with the failed Iraqi leadership "and urged Iraqi politicians to fight corruption and reform the judiciary and promote reconciliation. She continued , " the first thing you have to Iraqi politicians to do is to set aside their differences and move quickly to form a national unity coherent and efficient government. " declared Prime Minister Iraqi Haider Abadi his intention to make significant changes in his government in February , but the differences and protests have slowed progress. she said Gilmore "there is political paralysis in Iraq. there is no government in Iraq." the rise of the Islamic state facing the government forces in northern and western Iraq to aggravate ideological differences , particularly among Sunnis and Shiites, which surfaced after the invasion , the US - led invasion of that country in 2003 and won by a car bomb in an area predominantly Shiite eastern Baghdad , the lives of at least 11 people on Monday and wounded 39 others, the third explosion in four days in the capital. said Gilmore , the war against the Islamic State caused the displacement of more than 3.4 million people inside Iraq , most of them are now living in camps without access to the medical care and water and clothes and it seems that international support goes to the pockets of local officials. " the corruption is something the international community can address it greater than courage, more courage and strength .. as far as the negotiations that take place with the government can not just focus on military strategy. " the international community does not achieve any success in helping stranded in internal camps. Humanitarian relief budget .. in Iraq unfunded dramatically and the poor are paying the price. " The United Nations estimates the cost of the face of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq by about $ 4.5 billion. She drew international organization 's appeal in January to raise $ 861 million to help the government finance its plan cost of $ 1.56 billion to help ten million people in need this year

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