House sitters: we refuse to hold any meeting of the new term does not elect

2016-04-25 20:56:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Sitters MPs announced in the House of Representatives, on Monday, refusing to convene a session of Parliament where the new presidency is not elected, and argued that they decided to stop all types of neighborhood with the presidency , "former" to the House of Representatives, while underlining that " the interim Chair" Adnan Ganana will determine a new date for the hearing next.

He sitters House of Representatives in a statement issued after holding deliberative meeting: "We reject the holding of a meeting in which the presidency does not elect a new, according to the text of the Constitution, and therefore sitters MPs would not attend Tuesday 's hearing, called by former Prime Minister Salim al - Jubouri and consider it illegal."

The statement added that "after the issuance of the Federal Court decision , which stated that the victim of any decision of the House of Representatives to resort to the Federal Court to resolve the dispute about it, we decided to stop all kinds of dialogue with the former president of the House of Representatives committed to the Federal Court 's decision issued on April 21, 2016".

The statement continued, " The head of the interim hearing Adnan al - Janabi will determine a new date for the next session."

The House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri called, earlier on Monday (April 25, 2016), the members of Parliament to attend the importance of Tuesday 's session, stressing that the meeting will be comprehensive.