Sadr calls to leave the gallows "shameful" and calls for the preservation of a peaceful demonstration tomorrow

2016-04-25 15:16:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Called the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, on Monday, the demonstrators to leave the gallows "shameful" and asked them while maintaining the peaceful demonstration , scheduled for tomorrow, called the haves to the transfer of the taxi do not have access to the scene of the demonstration private cars.

Sadr said in replying to a question to him about what is rumored to postpone the demonstration on Tuesday and about the negative reactions about the monument gallows in Tahrir Square, and seen by Alsumaria News, " The protests continuing and will not postpone the demonstration tomorrow , but there is another where the steps to increase pressure on lovers quotas wrap it to understand. "

Sadr called on demonstrators to "leave the gallows shameful, and maintain sound demonstrations, and cooperation with the security agencies, and non - infringement on them and unite chants, and leave the political bickering, and not listening to Mrgevin we are not the authority of the students , " noting that "Iraq Astsrkhkm Vhbwa without Lithuanian."

He praised al - Sadr , "Iraqi tribes and urge them to be at the front of the demonstration tomorrow for our beloved Iraq," urging "intellectuals, institutions and personnel and civilian movements and minorities that is blowing with the people calling for reform and recovery of the stolen rights and accounting spoilers in order to be in Iraq without corruption and the commander of the necessity and without marginalization or quotas grim. "

It was al - Sadr announced on Sunday (April 24, 2016) for the postponement of the demonstration , which was due to have started on Monday on Tuesday.