Hammoudi: there is no real opposition to develop the work of the parliament and the government
BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah
stressed Deputy Speaker Hamoudi that mobility Parliamentary last if the outcome of the real opposition is the completion of a very important and take us to the positive dynamics of the development of the work of the House of Representatives and the government, hoping that a hearing be tomorrow all - inclusive.
According to a statement his office Media «morning» received a copy of it, the Hamoudi pointed out , upon receiving the Deputy representative of the Secretary - General of the United Nations in Iraq , Georgi Boston to that «there is an effort serious to resolve the political and parliamentary current crisis and move forward towards the implementation of the first reform package in altering the cabinet reshuffle, which will hopefully be submitted of the Prime Minister in the next few days , and then the overall reform. »
He Hammoudi hoped that« session is tomorrow , inclusive of all parties and in accordance with the constitutional and legal contexts », stressing that« the importance should be aware of all the size of the conspiracies being hatched against the country and attempting to overthrow the entire political process
for his part, Boston pointed out that« the United Nations with the stability of the current situation and the political process out by efficient satisfy all parties and promote parliamentary and government performance and go hard to the war against terrorism and enact important laws and the adoption of the reform as a whole. » http://alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=115235