International checker marks Notes "important and significant" to the provinces, including the work of the Kurdistan Region

Monday 25-04-2016 | 9:32:58

Twilight News / Notes included international auditor for Basra province to enter the province various contractual obligations of $ 9798727000 dinars, "without the consent of the Ministry of Planning and without a financial allocation in the federal budget contrary to instructions."

In another note has to maintain contract with the Al Rasheed for the processing of specialized mechanisms and vehicles propelled grenade at $ 6550000000 dinars, "although it has company is not specialized in this field," and prompted the province to pay an advance batch of 100% of the contract value and reached a completion rate of 0% up to withdraw the work has not been able to maintain to recover the amount of the advance, which represents the full amount of the contract until the date of completion of the audit and did not maintain any action taken against the company.

It has also the province to withdraw the work from five companies amounted to contracts 307822232217 dinars, "without taking any legal action against those companies or entities that referred them to work despite the lack of effectiveness", it has not been able to maintain the confiscation of letters of guarantee issued by banks incompetent to these contracts.

As for Najaf province has referred five decades at the same time to one company is a permanent river and $ 5,194,392,405 dinars, and the ratio of the actual achievement in these projects, ranging from 2% to 62% until December 31, 2014 and did not maintain take any action against the company above.

Point report also contracted by the province in 2011 two contracts with a single company, a monumental architecture on the same day and $ 7.806 billion dinars note that the two decades of the previous decades and the ongoing The completion rate in two decades, 53% and 59%, despite the extra given periods, which was 510 days for one of them and in 1004 on the last the amount spent on the two decades up to the same date 4257000000 dinars, however the province has signed a third contract with "the same as the company's lagging," the amount of 1400500000 dinars.

With regards to delivery sites their concerns are one of the comments auditing firm and the low percentage of completion on other projects amounting arrived 5163358000 dinars, despite the additional periods granted to the contracting companies, and in other contracts concluded by the province granted extra periods contracting companies ranged between 131% and 281%, of the four contracts worth 21041558000 dinars, while the accumulated amount of the advances that are not filtered reached 10769270216 dinars, despite more than a year after each other.

In Babil province, there are three lagging behind decades ago in 2007 and 2008 amounted to 5.596 billion dinars ranged achievement rates between 0% to 40% up to October 2015 and did not provide the province Audit Boulyat those contracts the company, there are 3 decades lagging behind in 2011, 2012 and three decades parked despite that started to work in 2012, and there are five decades of $ 6.495956 billion dinars a standstill despite the high achievement in projects ratios.

Point checker failure of the conservative study and analyze the final accounts of the firms tenders despite a request from those accounts which leads to hiring incompetent firms, and in the five decades for the establishment of schools in different places of the province inevitably to the General Mansour Company, the company executing achievement lagged and did not maintain take any action towards the company in addition to that the province did not provide auditing firm Boulyat follow-up projects.

In the province of Diwaniyah, the auditing firm notes on holding the iron bridge in Diwaniyah assigned to the banks of the Euphrates company at $ 339975000 dinars was the first of the assignment of the contract in the month of November 2011 before obtaining the approval of the municipality of Diwaniyah Directorate, and the lack of municipal approval to set up a bridge incompatible with the design of the city, I asked maintain the nomination of an alternative site was another request by the province on February 2015, note that the audit firm was unable to find out the amount spent on the contract "due to lack of information in the province show what has been spent on each contract according to claim conservative in her book directed to the auditing firm."

It was not to create customized to set up a project sites is one of the observations of the international auditor, plus a noticeable amount of advances suspended until December 31, 2014 which amounted to 18,315,504,156 dinars, and the note is the other for the low rates of achievement in four projects of $ 2.540495 billion dinars ranged ratio between 35% and 65% up to December 2014.

The Wasit province were the first observations of the international checker is operational advances granted for four decades contracting companies, which did not recover after the withdrawal of work, including where he had a balance as at December 31, 2013 amounted to $ 59,893,421,371 dinars was not able to maintain recover amounts "due to private banks refused to reserve funds or rejection of the letters of guarantee, claiming it was rigged, "as the conservative regardless instruments without balance of $ 2447862852 dinars.

The point of the international auditor in Wasit province, also that there are five other projects on hold in the amount of 54,797,087,050 dinars due to the withdrawal of labor in which the contracting companies, but the contracts liquidation took a long time and was the percentage of completion of those contracts until the date of the withdrawal of work ranging between 0% and 71%, and tarry implementation 6 projects valued at 58143850269 dinars despite began working in one of them in 2011.

The lack of readiness of the work sites of the projects one notes the international auditor, and other projects stopped due to lack of liquidity on the part of the province for 4 different contracts amounting to 95,619,313,000 dinars, in addition to the province referred projects of $ 7.501944 billion dinars in contrast to the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, where he contracted before approving the budget.

The Kurdistan Region were observations international auditor him for 2014 include "lack of preparation and the Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan detailed report of all federal revenues to scrutinize by BSA in the region and transferred to the Federal Ministry of Finance, in addition to the lack of a detailed report receivables suspended and details between the province and the center for the period from 2004 to 2014 as opposed to the laws of the budget ", on the other hand, the audit showed the presence of ancestor suspended since 2011 with the Federal Ministry of Finance in the amount of (1184593000000) dinars belonging dues oil companies operating in the region.

Point Also report the existence of a contract with the Zagros company for the processing of secondary power plants was signed in 2012 for $ 72 million has not been implemented up to December 2015, while the contract design, build and operate Akre water plant site by the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism in the province in October 2012 duration of the implementation 630 on the completion rate was 25% which represents civil works, until November 2015, although the processing plant is the most important part of the contract at a time when the extension period 66% of the original duration of the contract reached.

The Ministry of Education in the province have signed a number of contracts for the printing of books without taking prior approval and without updating the study costs are speculative, point checker existence of checks paid to contractors in exchange for a commitment from the contractor had not withdrawn for lack of liquidity, and the report is the reluctance of the nine projects in the province of Sulaymaniyah because of incompetence executing companies and the percentage of implementation of 3%, including zero.