Iraqi opposition ... company based field marketing for the promotion of cycle 43 of the Baghdad International Fair

General Company for Iraqi Fairs announced the formation of a central committee to the field of marketing to promote cycle 43 of the Baghdad International Fair according to a deliberate plan to attract the largest number of international companies to participate session according to the data available at the company's base for nearly 1,000 companies
Confirmed by the company's general manager, adding that the Commission has exercised its business by conducting field visits and deliver the invitations and the statement of the facilities provided by the participants and to answer inquiries where delivered to Baghdad Chamber of Commerce invited to urge affiliated companies in its membership to participate in and benefit from their experience as well as invitations for offices and foreign companies registered in Baghdad .

He said, adding that the company has a plan to simplify procedures for participants through the online reservation.

He is pointing out that his company has sent invitations participation of 300 local and foreign and Arab company until now by e-mail.

Pointing out that his company will continue its preparations to set up a session for attracting the largest number of posts the official Arab and foreign countries.

Posted By: Site Manager | Date: 24-04-2016 |