Obama asked to meet with Khamenei in two Sreten

Sunday 24-04-2016
| 1:51:11

Twilight News / US media and Iranian revealed that US President Barack Obama, addressed letters two companies, one of the Iranian supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, and the second Iranian President Hassan Rohani, asked the two to meet with Supreme Leader Khamenei, as requested by talking to the Iranians about the issues of the region before the end of his term.
According to the US site, "The Washington Free Beacon" that Obama directed letters to Hassan Rowhani and Ali Khamenei, to provide the appropriate atmosphere to meet within which to work to resolve the conflict in Syria and Yemen.
He pointed out the location is close to the neo-conservatives in the United States, to that senior leaders in Iran, did not specify a date for a meeting between Obama and Rouhani, due to disagreements between the parties within the Iranian regime on the issue.
The website link between the meetings that Iran's central bank chief Minister US Treasury recently collected, and the boot to meet with Obama and Rowhani, also pointed to the relationship to meet with the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the American counterpart, John Kerry, in a New York thing.
She declined to the US State Department to respond to the site, as Deputy Secretary of State John Kirby refusing to comment on the matter.
For his part, the relocation of "Saham News," the reformist Iranian, informed sources, said that Obama's letter to the supreme guide of the Iranian president had sent in late March, has asked the US president discuss contentious issues in the Middle East in cooperation and participation. "
According to the agency, "Obama said in a message to the Iranian mentor that he wants to dissolve lingering in Syria, Iraq, Yemen issues in consultation with the Iranians the opportunity minority remaining before the expiry of its mandate.
The agency added: "Obama said in his letter, that if the Iranians agreed to the US demand, it is ready to hold a conference in this regard involving personally meet with Iranian President Hassan Rohani."
According to Iranian sources, Rowhani met Iran's Supreme Leader to discuss the content of the letters, where Rowhani said at a meeting in response to a question by Khamenei on the request of the US President to convene a meeting between them, that he "considered it positive Such a meeting to resolve the crises in the region in the presence of Iran, will also increase the Iran's influence in the resolution of regional crises, "according to news agency" Saham News ".
Rowhani stressed in this meeting, that he "will not make a step without coordinating with the Supreme Leader and raise moment by moment reports on any movement in this regard." The source said that "Khamenei expressed his pleasure and satisfaction of spiritual answers."
Observers believe that the recent campaigns to Khamenei on the West and the United States was in the context of coverage on what the government Rouhani of the process of normalization with the West and the United States, where this process is taking place with the blessing of the Supreme Leader himself within the new strategy, which he called "heroic flexibility", which culminated in the first results a success in the nuclear agreement with the countries of the 5 + 1 last June. https://translate.googleusercontent....aLToSuNxUVQaNQ