UN declares its readiness to support the Electoral Commission for the success of their work
{Baghdad} Euphrates News met with representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Jan Kubiš in his headquarters on Sunday, President and members of the Board of Commissioners at the Electoral Commission, said Kubiš ready to support the mission of the Electoral Commission for the success of their work.
According to a statement of the Commission received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , " The two sides discussed during the meeting last preparations are working on commission and configuration future electoral benefits as well as the ongoing work of the Commission and its offices with regard to the draft registration Albaaomitri voters in most of the provinces of Iraq and cooperation shown by all state institutions and partners the electoral process to facilitate the work of the Commission in this regard. " for his part , expressed Kubiš according to the statement of the United Nations prepared by experts in supporting the work of UNHCR and overcome the obstacles that you may encounter during their work and the continuation of higher coordination, the statement added that" the President and members of the board of Commissioners have expressed their satisfaction with this meeting great interest Nations United to pay for the democratic process in Iraq through the great role played by the Commission as they represent the bedrock and has a pivotal role through the management and organization of previous electoral processes and full readiness for the forthcoming elections. ended